CA+RMAP attracts A+ tenants in 45 days!

CA+RMAP®  – your wildest dream comes true… 

Are you a landlord who

  • was traumatized by nightmare tenants who caused you painful financial/emotional damages?
  • frustrated with mediocre property managers’ hefty fees & low performance?
  • is suffering negative cash flow and needs to turn the tide, now?
  • wants to be the captain of your own financial fate, today?

Have you ever dreamed of enjoying a highly automated service that 

  • attract A+ tenants while keeping tenants from hell miles away?
  • make $$$ of  “undercurrent cash flow year after year?
  • lets you take solid control of your rentals homes with pure joy?

And all you need is to

  • transform the current rental into a Culfidant A+ home
  • practice  A+ service  for A+ tenants who share A+ care. 
  • invest $1.00/day for $10.00/day in return

It the answer is yes, then welcome to “CA+RMAP”® – The first-ever highly automated A+ tenant attracting/retaining  platform that allows your wildest dream to come true!

CA+RMAP® standards for Culfidant A+ Resident (tenant) Magnetic Attracting Platform. It allows you to

  • attract A+ tenants who care & share the home, not just “rent” a house. 
  • bring in “undercurrent” positive cash flow year after year 
  • achieve your long term investment success effortlessly. 

Why are we so confident? 

We are a team of landlords/investors who had struggled in the past with the problems mentioned above that many of you are facing today. Over the years through trial-and-error, plus a lot of luck, we have gradually developed CA+RMAP®, the highly-automated platform that has helped us achieve the following:

  • screened 50,000+ prospects with zero forced eviction in the last 5 years.
  • filled in thousands homes with A+ tenants in 30 days on average, and 
  • achieved on average a 5-year-stay for all of our culfidant A+ homes. 
  • accomplished ~40.00% of compounded annual ROI  year after year. 

This platform is designed to attract only the best tenants who enjoy and share the well-kept homes for long term, while creating tens of thousands of dollars of so-called undercurrent cash flow®” quietly” for the landlords/investors, and growing a well-kept home into a great investment asset aimed for your long term investment success effortlessly. 

The follow examples is to demonstrate what is to be expected typically  by implementing CA+RMAP®. 

let’s say, you have an vacant rental home with an on-going market rents as $1800.00/month, through the CA+RMAP service, you can

  • attract A+ tenants in 45 days on average  with minimum time & effort.
  • enjoy the rents and home both being cared by great tenants. In addition, 
  • collect $10,000.00+ in 5-years of so-called undercurrent cash flow®

To enjoy all the above benefits brought in via CA+RMAP® for five years, your total investment  is less than $1.00/day, $30.00/month, or $360.00/year, yielding to ~40.00% of compounded annual return each year for 5 consecutive years. 

Without getting into the nitty-gritty details of the intellectual properties that have made CA+RMAP® such a powerful secret weapon, the highlights below have outlined the key areas being focused in order for CARMAP to make wonders:

  • How to transform an average “ugly” duckling, an ordinary rental home, which used to be just another lame duck on the market, into a stunningly beautiful “swan” (A+ home) that will take potential A+ tenants’ breath away, while making the bad ones feel it is not where they belong?
  • How to market the “A+ home” attract the right ones while screening the wrong ones out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, automatically? and yes, you don’t have to lift a finger?
  • How to embed multi-layers screening mechanisms into the renting process to only filter in A+ tenants and not less?
  • Think a great credit score, and excellent credit report is the “saving grace”? Think again!
  • How to utilize the powerful CARMAP 6-factor-18-Score-system  to process the applicants automatically while keeping all the noises and emotions at the bay, so only the best of the best can enjoy what they deserve – your A+ home and care?
  • How to harness the biggest secret that is going to not only attract the A+ tenants, but also let them “enjoy” and “share” the home for the years to come?
  • and more….

I wish the answer on how on earth we were able to invent all the above is that we are super-smart, or, some sort of magic inspiration hit us out of blue. Truth be told, we are no different from many like-minded landlords who want to make something better out of the rental investments where we have poured in blood, sweat and tears. Now looking back the past years we have been spent in developing this highly automated system, the only thing I can truly say is many thanks to….   


Years ago, I got into real estate investment by half accident, half curiosity. As a skilled independent immigrant, I had my fair share of earlier struggles. Shortly after landed in Calgary, I went to U of C to pursue my Master degree in since. Two year later, Having earned my degree and secured an engineer job in a big oil company with an excellent pay, I began to look around for something that can keep me challenged. 

One day during the lunch time, I overheard a colleague talking about a book called “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. Out of curiosity, I borrowed and read it shortly after.  All of sudden, a door opened and I saw a very different world – a place where I don’t have to be stuck in so called “rat-race” trap for the rest of my life. Instead, I can let money work hard for me while pursuing my own dreams. 

So I started my real estate investment journey with my first rental condo. Before long, I started to taste the bitterness through the hard-knocks in the real life: 

  • Tenants started to default on rents with all sort of excuses, this dragged on for months – then we went to inspect the houses, and shocked by the disaster scene inside – after tens of thousands of dollars unpaid rents and more spent to get the bad tenants out, to clean the mass and fix the damages, I thought this must be a bad luck… 
  • Then we were so eager to recoup the losses – so we fooled ourselves with the quick possession by throwing all the rules, screening checks out of the window – no wander one after another dramas and fights were broke out and literally my daily life was being turned in to a living hell – the dreams of financial freedom had turned into endless nightmares and dreadful financial losses….

Out of desperation, we decided to hire professionals with the hope that I can finally enjoy wine far away on a beach forever while having the pros  taken care of my rentals brilliantly, just like their website said? Not so simple. Again, life threw out a few more punches  and taught me the following:  

  • It turned out many property managers were not necessarily preforming better than the landlords in any measurable means – a so-called “licensed property manager” hardly reflect any professional or better performance at all in the real life.  
  • The PM fee/cost is hefty – 10% of the rents typically, this alone had eaten up the only positive cash flow to keep the rentals afloat.
  • The maintenance costs are sky-rocketing due to the combination effects of careless tenants plus the fact that everything broken become wear-and-tear by default with no checks and reviews by the property managers.
  • A use-to-be-profitable rentals all of sudden became a deep hole sucking out the money like one can’t imagine. 
  • Another strange feeling is that all of sudden, I, the landlord and property owner, had being totally cut off from my own properties and tenants – It is required by property management contract. It did not go well with me at all. I found myself had no idea on what was actually going on  in my own properties…
  • On top of all the above, I found myself chasing after the property managers a lot – in other words, I had to manage the managers with growing frustration caused by unreturned phone calls, messages and emails. 

Simply put, property management option did not work out in the end unfortunately.

(In all fairness, there are some property managers who may do a decent or even great job. However, later I have found out why inherently “property manager option” is less likely a great option to assist one’s true success in real estate investment (To learn more, you may check out Culfidant Investment Success Index Analysis, or CIS index)

Then something hit me again, more accurately, “nudged” this time. 

One day I received a call from a tenant. She was ready to move-out after 7-year stay. Quite honest, all the bad tenants and mediocre property managers had consumed most of my time and sanity, I almost forgot her. So I set up a time to do a walk-through prior to her departure. 

I still remembered that day when I showed up in that house where the tenant’s family had stayed for 7 years (I confess, I did not bother to do even one-time inspection, not something I like to brag about or recommend at all. The fact that the home was “looking-great” was merely a dumb-luck):

The home was meticulously clean, it was definitely better than its condition 7 years ago, the yard was decorated with flower beds, turning the it into a beautiful small garden. The tenants thanked me for allowing them stay and keeping rents with no actual change for years – then they offered something unexpected –

They were willing to show the house for us to the interested prospect tenants – two-month ahead of their departure date, in the hope to keep no vacancy right after their move-out. And yes, the home was rented right after their departure,  to another great family who fell in love with the home on the first sight. 

I remembered on the way back from the home that day, I asked myself – What if every single tenant can be like this one – had paid rents on time every single month, cared the home with a great deal, and stayed for a long time with no any trouble (7 years in this case)? further more, 

What should I do up front to  attract the tenants like that while keeping the bad ones away? Equally importantly, if not more, what should I do to make sure the great tenants can stay as long as they like?

Suddenly, I was struck by lighting – the concept of “A+ landlords, homes, and tenants ” was born, and we began to develop the concept and system of CARMAP over the next coming years. As the legend said, the rest was history. 

How is CARMAP different?

There are 5 things separating CARMAP from the traditional renting options (DIY, or PM) 

  1. Foundation – CARMAP starts from 2 fundamentally different efforts first. Namely, how to be an A+ landlord, and how to transform an ordinary rental into an A+ home?
    • Instead of chasing quick rich solution, it focus on the long-term real estate investment success. It puts landlords on the driver-seats firmly to act as the true master of their own financial future, to share the care for the coming in A+ tenants, and to nurture a long term win-win.
    • It requires every landlord to make the most important decision – will you commit yourself to the vision of Culfidant, that is, the best way to achieve A+ investment result is to become A+ landlord, offer A+ home, to serve with A+ care, for the A+ tenants to enjoy for the long-term?
  2. Automation – Starting from the A+ home readiness, designated website pages, professional viewing/screening pages, marketing package readiness, to automated inquiry reply, imbedded multi-layer-AI assisted tenant screening and 6-factor-18-scoring system, to the application approval and lease sign-off, every step in the process has been automated with the state of art technologies. So instead of you spending endless hours on the phone to answer and repeating the same boring screening questions, or debating should you answer the phone call or email while you are at the work, CARMAP takes care of them all automatically, 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, all you need is to simply wait for the booked showings to be confirmed, and then meet with the prospects in person to get a good feel. 
  3. Rate of return – Based on our own experience in the real world, we have found the so called “Culfidant Investment Success Index, or CIS index, is a much more comprehensive way to make an apple to apple comparison when it comes to evaluate various investment options. In essence, the higher the CIS index, the better. For a detailed analysis on the CIS Index between CARMAP and the other two traditional renting options of DIY or PM, You may review the detailed analysis here – It is a no-brainer. 
  4. A+ communication/education – CARMAP service understands the power of continually learning and grow for each and everyone of us – not only you can access unlimited and vast resources via our website and social media channels, we also host sharing meeting regularly to help A+ tenants and landlords to communicate, share and grow together. 
  5. 5-year guarantee – CARMAP service guarantees unlimited use whenever needed anytime during the five-year time period. your peace of mind is guaranteed. 

I hope by now – you are fully ready to explore the CARMAP service step-by-step in detail, along with the benefits you may enjoy. Below is the break-down on how CARMAP works. 


Step 01 – Self-check and apply

Review and complete the CARMAP service application page .


  • there is no confusion up-front. You know what is our mutual commitment, what is the cost and what is to be expected.
  • The questionnaire helps you decide if this is a right service or not.

Step 02 – A+ home and CARMAP Automation Platform readiness

  • Get the home up to A+ standard, shoot the Professional video tour.
  • CARMAP automated email reply is being set up Click here for demo
  • CARMAP back-end ready, along with interface set up for exclusive page, book viewing and apply online. Click here for one example in real life.
  • designated online board keep record of all renting process so that you can check back and forth when needed [06b]


  • your A+ home attracts best of the best & turns less desirables away naturally.
  • Culfidant brand power sets your home apart from the rest.
  • Real-time board keeps you informed every single move
  • Rent fine-tune algorithm nails down the exact  market rents, which means you
    • enjoy the best of both worlds – “optimized rents” and “100% occupied “
    • play no more guessing game on what is right rents
    • attract the right prospects with the most attractive market rents.
  • The embedded multi-layer screening mechanism only lets potential A+ prospects pass through automatically. To you, It means
    • no more repetitive and exhausting phone/email screening manually.
    • no more “tenants from hell” move-in & begin the dreadful nightmares.
    • no more  “great candidates” are being missed unintentionally.
  • Rental inquiries are replied instantly and automatically 24/7. It means
    • no more dilemma of “reply or not while you are at work”. Click here to find out how. 
    • sleep tight while all inquires are being auto replied 🙂
  • Save you on hundred of hours used to spend on renting,  which means you
    • can free hundreds of hours to focus what truly matters to you. 
    • instead of hiring a property manger to find a tenant each year over the five-year period for $9000.00 in total,  you may only spend a friction of it ($1800.00) to bring in a A+ tenant, and enjoy 40.00% compounded rate of return year after year.

Step 03 – showing and evaluation

You do the showings (or opt to CARMAP agent), complete the evaluation form, which will be used to track all the showing for the future decision making.


  • multi-layer screening only bring in the best candidates to you effortlessly.
  • 2-hr confirmation eliminates no-shows, no more wasted time/frustration.
  • each showing has clear record for your decision making/future reference.

Step 04 – apply, process and approve

The online-application form is filled out by the applicant. Once received, you simply follow the instruction for CA+RMAP 18-score system to spell out  the score of the applicant for final decision making.


  • the 6-factor-18-score system focus on what matters the most
  • all the noises, distractions, emotions have been removed
  • it all boils down to a simple Yes/no based on score.
  • no more gut feeling game.
  • you make the final call to bring in the best of the best.  

Step 05 – lease sign off and payment received

the lease is completed online within 48 hrs Plus all the payments are in place.


  • it much more efficient way to close deal than traditional in person option. 
  • it frees you from multiple trips of signing papers and collecting funds.
  • it is much more professional way to start  with A+ tenants.
  • it reflects the trust/efficient attribute that both sides will enjoy.

 Step 06 – 5-year warranty

for the next 5 years, both you and tenants can access various Culfidant community education programs freely to nurture long-term stay; In addition, you may use CARMAP service whenever you need.


  • you are fully prepared to care A+ tenants for long term win-win.
  • your peace of mind is guaranteed as CARMAP is available anytime.
  • the option of monthly investment makes it super easy and affordable. 

So what is going to be involved if I want to try out the CARMAP? you may ask… 

To help like-minded landlords who love to experience the magic of CARMAP service for the first time, we are offering a time limited offer as the following: 

Attracts A+ tenants within 45 days, or we work for free. 

To make it plain and simple – your risk of trying CARMAP is literally NULL. Because we know what it can deliver for us over thousands times in the past years, and that is why we are confident that it can, and will do the same wonder for you too. 

However, the above is a time-limited offer with limited spots, it will ends whichever limit reaches first. To secure your spot, you may click here now. 

A final summary, a brand new beginning

As a time-limited offer, for less than $1.00/day for 5 year term (or $1,800.00 in total), CARMAP service will 

  • Attract A+ tenant in 45 days or we work for free. 
  • bring you tens of thousands dollars undercurrent cash flow year after year. 
  • more importantly, being A+ landlord, with A+ tenants to share A+ home and A+ experience together, for the years to come, is simply a pure joy. 

What you are waiting for? click here to claim your spot and let’s get started!

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