To fully appreciate the high ROI (Rate of Return) that CARMAP can deliver, we like to share with you a new concept , so-called “undercurrent cash flow”, which is one of the most essential keys to  unleash the true power of your real estate investment, yet unfortunately it has been one of the few biggest hidden secrets unknown to most of the investors/landlords due to its “undercurrent” nature. 

Thanks for the luck, we are fortunate enough to stumble upon it, have been appreciating its true beauty over the time. 

The so-called “UNDERCURRENT” cash flow ® is the expenses/costs saved due to the literally 100% occupancy accomplished naturally  by Culfidant A+ tenants ® while they are staying and enjoying your home for years.

Let’s use  the following example to demonstrate how does it work in the real world.

Assume a rental’s current on-going market rents is $1500.00/month. In the next 5 years, this rental may “experience” one of the following 3 scenarios (with some simplification for easy comparison)

  • scenario 01 – It repeats every year: you rent the house to average tenants (instead of Culfidant A+ tenants) who stay 1-year then move-out. 
  • scenario 02 – Same as scenario 01 except you hire a traditional property manager to do it for you. In return, you pay them 10% of rents as the PM fee, or $1,800.00/year, which is a total of $9,000.00 in 5 years. 
  • scenario 03 – You use CARMAP service and found A+ tenants who stay for the next 5 years. Total cost? $40/month or $2400.00 in 5 years (based on the value dated in June 2022. For the up-to-date membership fee, click here). 

In scenario 01, due the move-in/out each year, the rental may occur the following:

  • the expenses of cleaning, maintenance, advertising, marketing, showing, utilities costs during vacancy; and they are recurred for 4 times within 5-year period, plus
  • 0-3+ months vacancy depending on the market condition as well as the other factors such as the home condition, landlord experiences, etc.
  • the chances of getting in a below average or less desirable tenants are also likely to say the least during the 4 move-in/out episodes. The lump-sum of months of unpaid rents, extra damages far beyond wear and tear, legal cost of eviction process, junk removal, the endless time wasted and the unthinkable stress to be endured…It is simply way beyond a simple dollar number can ever replace. 

According to our own data analysis over the years, it is a conservative estimation that the overall costs for each move-in/out l is roughly 2 times of monthly rents, sometimes it could be a lot more.

As for the scenario 02, all the above is likely the same with marginal difference here and there, the only difference is that with a hefty prices tag of $9000.00 in 5 years, you “might” save your expected “less hassle”, and quite often than not, many landlords find themselves ended up with a situation of “not only have to deal with headaches of rentals, but also have to manage the property manger on top of all the miseries”, which makes you wonder why did you even bother in the first place… 

In scenario 03, as the focus is to ensure each individual landlord 100% control over their own rental homes, while empowering them with highly automated service to attract A+ tenants who pay rents on time, take care of the rents, and enjoy the stay for long term (our average stay duration is 5 years or plus). All the above costs for scenario 01 and 02 are being eliminated, or in other words, are flowing in as “undercurrent” cash flow instead out of the investors/landlords’ pockets, year after year, with literally no extra work besides to make sure the pure care and joy for both you and  your A+ tenants.

and now let’s put all of the above into perspective, for each scenario, the costs in the five-year period would be 

  • Scenario 01 – $12,000.00 = 2 x $1,500.00 x 4
  • Scenario 02 – $21,000.00 = $12,000.00 + $9,000.00 PM fee ($1, 800.00 x 5)
  • Scenario 03 – $1,800.00 = $360.00 * 5 (notice the cost of $12,000.00 in 5 years due to move-in and out has been eliminated). 

Now, the number below makes clear the invisible yet real power unleashed by so-called “undercurrent” cash flow:

  • Comparing to Scenario 01, CARMAP option will “make” you a whooping $10,200.00 “undercurrent” positive cash flow in a five-year period 
  • Comparing to Scenario 02, CARMAP option will “make” you a breathtaking $19,200.00 “undercurrent” cash flow in a five-year period

The above actually reveals why so many landlords are struggling year after year, battle after battle, property managers of one after the another, still losing money, and even worse, their insanity. quite often than not, the real root reason of a failed real estate investment after years of struggle is that many people have failed to realize what is working under the surface –

It is this “undercurrent”, not the winds blowing on the surface in various directions all the time. 

As you probably see now, the undercurrent cash flow is actually what really works for any true success of the real estate investment in the long run. Quick frankly, it is most efficient and safest way, as long as you know how to work with the “under current”, not against it.