Our Services

A+ homes

We rent, share and care  A+ homes exclusively by A+ landlords and tenants, providing A+ services for a sustainable cycle of joy and satisfaction


AI-assisted Culfidant A+ Residents Magnetic Attracting Platform (CA+RMAP) connects A+ tenants, landlords, and homes together in harmony.


Discover how our tenant membership can help A+ tenants find dream homes, and how our landlord membership can effortlessly elevate self-managing landlords to A+ pros


The “CHIEF” standards for Culfidant Home Issue Eliminating Force provide the best tradespeople to take care of all your rental home maintenance needs, giving you peace of mind at all times

CCC Program

Culfidant Community Certification” program helps you choose the right A+ mindset, A+ home, A+ tenants, and A+ services for pure joy.”


Instead of teaching in the traditional classroom style, we share the real-life experiences of A+ tenants and landlords, so that we can grow together