CULFIDANT 7-layer screening – attract the A+ exclusively

To fill in your vacant rental home, you only need one type tenants exclusively – the ones pay rents on-time, take care of the property and staying long time. 

Indeed, the quality of the coming-in tenants, your future partner in real estate investment, is going to be one of the few keys to unlock the doors leading to success. That is why the so-called “Culfidant 7-layer” screening system has been embedded into “CA+RMAP”® membership exclusive service to only bring in A+ tenants, no less. Below is a quick summary on what are these 7-layers. 

  • layer 1# – A+ home to set the tone differently.
    • Instead of just another rental, Culfidant A+ home standard set up a very high bar to bring your home above and beyond the average.
    • The benefits are two folds: it will not only “attract” the potential great tenants who are naturally attracted/pulled in by the clean, grace and beauty of the home, it also turns off the wrong ones for the same reason – a great home make them feel less comfortable – their true color shows much more easily under such extreme contrast. 
  • layer 2# – The ad that sets you apart from the crowd.
    • The ad is being written so that the readers will naturally know if they are good fit or not. 
    • The key word is naturally, you like to attract and make the other move first. 
  • Layer 3# – auto reply
    • when the inquiry emails are received, Carmap sends out the replies automatically with what is to be expected next. Again, you give the others the chance to move first. 
    • This will actually only bring in the serious inquiries to the next step further. The rest will be screened out, without you lifting a finger, or moving lips. 
  • Layer 4# – booking questionnaire
    • To book viewing, one will complete the basic questionnaire – In this process, some will realize this might not be the best fit after all. 
    • Once received, you can also take a look and decide if the booking is qualified or not. 
  • Layer 5# – 2 hr prior confirmation
    • It is the CARMAP’s requirement to confirm the showing two hours prior to the showing time, or the showing will be cancelled. 
    • Jokers and/or less desirable prospects are being filtered out further via this layer. 
  • Layer 6# – post-showing evaluation
    • Carmap will require an evaluation form post the showing. The key here is the mutual interests from both sides. 
    • If it is turned out to be one-side only. No further action is needed. 
  • Layer 7# – 6-factor 18-score system.
    • This is CARMAP unique 18-score system that puts the applicants though the most rigorous checking and qualifying process. For more detail, you may click here. 
    • 14+ or more, pass; less? No. 

In essence, via Carmap embedded “7-layer screening” mechanism, it is no surprise that your A+ home is only matched with and enjoyed by A+ tenants exclusively.