CARMAP Order Form

Before you proceed further, make sure the following has been checked: 

  • The ownership – You are the legal owner(s) of the rental home(s). 
  • Commitment – you have committed to be a Culfidant A+ landlord to share and care.  For more details, click here 
  • Not applicable – this service does not apply to any of the following:  01). basements suite that is not legalized, 2). Rooming houses, and/or 3). Airbnb type.
  • A+ home – the current rental shall meet with the Culfidant A+ home standard prior to the activation of CA+MAP. An A+ home readiness checklist shall be sent to you upon the submission of the form. 
  • Market rents – You have agreed to use the market rents set and fine-tuned by Carmap Algorithm for the optimum results.