Culfidant Landlord Membership Explained



There are two types of Culfidant landlord memberships:


Standard membership – (Click here for the workflow) This option is ideal for landlords who prefer to maintain direct control over their rentals while receiving full support from a powerful CARMAP system. It enables them to attract the best tenants, provide superb services, and access various on-demand features exclusively when needed. With this membership, you can enjoy a combination of DIY management and hands-free assistance. You retain the final decision-making authority on key aspects such as approving tenant candidates based on the CA+RMAP score, while the well-designed CARMAP system takes care of tasks such as attracting the right tenants and managing maintenance requests automatically.


VIP membership – (Click here for the workflow) This membership is perfect for landlords who prefer a completely hands-free approach or are unable to personally attend to their rentals (e.g., due to remote locations). It ensures that your rentals and tenants receive excellent care. The VIP membership encompasses two elements integrated into the CA+RMAP system. First, a highly automated online application is used to market your home and attract the best tenants. Second, individual certified CARMAP specialists, who are trained experts in utilizing the Carmap system, work on your behalf. By becoming a CA+RMAP VIP member, you essentially hire these specialists as your “assistants” to carry out the work using the CARMAP system.