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A+ landlords and A+ tenants are renting, sharing, and caring/maintaining exceptional A+ homes through a long-term partnership. This project has been developed by Flying Stone Canada Ltd as a third option to assist landlords who prefer not to take on the responsibility of self-management or, hire property management. The project is designed to provide outsanding A+ homes and services to attract top-notch A+ tenants who can enjoy the benefits for years to come. Read more…

The designated online platform to help A+ landlords match A+ tenants with A+ home exclusively. Read more…


Std/VIP options give A+ landlords peace of mind and long term success in Rentals. Read more… 


Take care of all your home/rental’s maintenance needs in a timly and cost-effective way. Read more… 

"CCC" Program

“Culfidant Community Certification” program helps you pick up the right A+ home, A+ tenants and A+ service for the pur joy. Read more … 

Our Happy Clients!

My partner and I have lived in the same rental through this company for coming up on 6 years, they have only raised the rent once (minimally) and if we have an issue they are quick to correct it! We recently needed a new washer/dryer, and Jordan was amazing in helping, she kept calling the contractor when they wouldn’t contact us for around 2 weeks. I locked my keys in the other day and even tho it was Sunday, Tom met me in 15 minutes to help! The whole team is so friendly, accommodating, and understanding.


Haley A

Happy tenant at FSC104 from 2016 to 2022

We lived in a Flying Stone rental for the last 6 years. All of our experiences with Tom and his team have been extremely positive. A good landlord is so important and I cannot say enough about the philosophy of management and the care we have received from this team. I HIGHLY recommend living in a Flying Stone property and we only moved on because we moved out of province.

Everything Tom and team does is automated and efficient making each step of the move-in, move-out, maintenance and any issues so very easy. Excellent start to finish! We sincerely thank you for taking such good care of us and our family over the last 6 years!


Lisa Z

Happy tenant at FSC101 from 2016 to 2022

I have been a tenant with Flying Stone Canada for almost three years now. Their very professional, helpful and have dealt with any issues that we have had promptly and professionally. They have also been very understanding in the hard times through this pandemic. I would recommend anyone to rent through Flying Stone Canada!
Thank you to Jordan and Tom for the great service!


Stephanie L

Happy tenant at FSC224 since 2020

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Flying Stone Canada Ltd is located at the FSC office center in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada. 

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