Truth be told - the stories about us...

I still remember vividly the puzzled looking on my lawyer’s face… 

It was a day back in March 2005, when I had asked my lawyer to register the newly created company – Flying Stone Canada Ltd. He pondered it for a while and then said in a bit teasing tone, “interesting name, Flying Stone Canada, it reminds me Chinese martial arts of some sort….; and tell me, how can stone fly?” 

“It is all about perspectives”, I replied, slowly told him the following 

Right in between us, there are numerous little dust particles that are afloat constantly, they are the same-made-of as the stone of any size. Followed the proper logic, these invisible dust particles can be regarded as “stones” perfectly.

Take a step further, the universe is really a space with many floating gigantic stones, our planet of Earth is just a tiny sand among trillions. 

It is all about perspective. 

Different perspectives can lead to very different views – Once we understand and apply this, we can make impossible happen naturally. 

In a nutshell, the quest of Flying Stone Canada is simple – 

Our goal is to make impossible happen naturally.

Our strategy – just like how nature works, we take on small, tiny “dusts” first,  while growing it into something big, along the way. 

Our tactics – we will always check, switch, update,  appreciate and apply different perspectives consciously – Just like the God father, Don Corleone said: “to try to think as the people around you think.” Be curious, be creative, and, be extraordinary “naturally”, while enjoying the journey, together. 

In Year 2011, shortly after quitting my job as an engineer in Suncor Energy, I ran into an experienced business man who, again, made comments on the name of the company: “Flying Stone, a catchy name, but what do you do exactly? a plumbing, a home builder, or a consultant? “

It sounded a simple question, but a loaded one indeed. Instead of telling everyone our goal is to “make impossible happen naturally”, which is a sure way to get almost everyone lost totally in no time. I need to pin down our very first dust, that is meaningful but doable to the size of our start-up, which back to year 2011, it was just me alone, along with the minority shares from a few other like-minded engineers but less “dumb”, who were unwilling to leave their secured and well-paid jobs to join me to play stones for fun with no pay in a foreseeable near future. 

I found my first “dust” via the book called “Rich Dad Poor Dad”. After reading it a few times in Year 2001, the constant effort in investment on residential real estate was started. Gradually but surely, the real estate holding portfolio had grown into a point where I decided to enter into the “new-world-of-working-for-others-no-more” with no turning back. 

A new world indeed. It hit me right on the face with the repeated heavy punches of one kind of “problem” – the hostile environment in which landlords and tenants looked each other with twisted lenses. 

For landlords, a stereotype tenant has the only goal in their life, which is to destroy their investment – the rental home, while along the process to make the landlord’s life going through hell as a bonus. Therefore, the so-called “tenants from the hell”…. 

For many tenants, a typical landlord has a name as “Slump landlord” who is born-greedy, suck money out of the tenant to the last penny, while care little about the living condition of the tenants. 

It took me sometime before I realized this is a perfect “dust” where everyone can try to switch their lens, and try to see the others points of view, or perspective, while it is difficult to do, next to impossible, perhaps, but my real life experience showed me this can be done, and once it is done, something no less than miracle actually can happen. It is a wonderful world indeed. The secret? 

Find the right match, do it one at a time. That is how Culfidant and Carmap were born – our current on-going story. 

A big congratulation and a sincere thank you, if you have reached this far. Beside a decent courtesy, here are the reasons (for the better words, or in a more frank way, they should be regarded as “warnings”): 

  1. The English here is not the best most definitely, the least I can say is all the stories are real. As an immigrant from China to Canada at age of 30, I have learned that performing THE perfect English with Zero grammar and spelling error might be doble for many others, but for me, it is simply “impossible”. However, to get  the ideas crossed while helping the A+ landlords, A+ tenants happily connected and then sharing the A+ homes happily after, with the true passion, the unique Culfidant tools and systems, my current English level here can do the trick, as long as I keep practicing and make tiny improves constantly with my famous thick skin on all the time, and your high endurance level to survive such “preliminary” English writing. Together we can make impossible happen naturally. However, if this is way too much for you to take, please turn around. It is not too late yet. For the fairness, I did warn you at the very beginning
  2. A+ means exclusivity. period. You will soon find out that to make miracle happen naturally. The very first thing is to already have, or willingly put on an unique “lens” to see the current world “differently”. It is the simplest act maybe, my experience in the real world has taught me to most of the people, it is the hardest part. That is why A+ comes with its own solid weight. So the warning – If you are the type of getting rich quick, and believing the world should be evolving with the center of “me”, Warning: you are wasting your time here. 
  3. How patient you are? I will make this one simple. If you are uncomfortable to do a meditation for over 20 mins. please do that first before you spending time with our quest. 
With all the fair warnings, if you like to go further, I will promise something exciting that will truly change your real esate investment for better, just like what it has done to me in the last years, and for the years to come. Enjoy the ride!

The first quest of Flying Stone has chosen to create a community called “Culfidant” where A+ landlords and A+ tenants can be connected and share and enjoy the A+ homes together for years to come. For more details, Click here

This is our starting point of the journey – an unique tool/system to allow A+ tenants and landlords to be connected naturally. And It begins by the A+ landlords to take the driver seat and take a firm control of their own fate and destiny. 

If you are the kinds of landlord who

  • believe in human decency, treating each other with mutual respect regardless the background, age, gender and race, and
  • are willing to learn how to invest your real estate in long term (15 years minimum or longer)
  • More importantly, do it with pure joy?

If you are the people (the current and future landlords) like the above, Click here. 

Quite honestly, I don’t know.

What I do know is this, any size stone starts from the first little tiny dust, it takes one, and then another, and then the next, it takes time and patience. 

So with the perfect “dust” to work with, we will tell A+ happy home story, one at a time, with the understanding that together with people like you doing A+ home like this, sky is the limit. 

In this section, we will share with you what are happening right now so that you are always informed 🙂

2022-10-03 : Permanently closed on Google – Click here for more. 

2022-10-18: Mortgage is hiking… Tim to increase rents? Click here for more.