Culfidant’s 3-A+ pillars explained 

There are 3 fundamental principles, namely, A+ home, A+ tenants, and A+ service,  on which Culfidant residential real estate investment system has been built for the long-term success. Concretely speaking: 

  • Culfidant A+ home –
    • This is the type of the homes can serve two purposes – middle to high-end income renters who are planning to buy home in next 5-10 years, and the entry-level homes for the first home buyers. 
    • The focus of this type of homes should be individual homes (single family homes, duplexes etc). As a basic rule of thumb, the condos should be the least option and to be avoided whenever is possible. 
    • The home should be well-up-kept, family-oriented with convenient accesses to the schools, shopping and transits. 
  • Culfidant  A+ tenants
    • The great tenants are the most important partners of the your long time successful real estate investment strategy. That is why it is crucial to only select “A+ tenants” as one of the 3 key pillars of Culfidant success. 
    • The Culfidant A+ tenants should meet with the following three qualities:
      • pay rents on time
      • take care of the properties and
      • enjoy the home for the long-term (average 3-5 years or longer). 
    • They should be selected exclusively via so-called 6-factor-18-score system to make sure the right pick at the beginning. 
    • It is the key that will unlock the power of so-called Culfidant undercurrent cash flow
  • Culfidant A+ services
    • To fit with long term investment strategy – to upkeep the A+ home all the time so that it can always attract the A+ tenants to enjoy it for long time to come.
    • A Culfidant maintenance work flow has been developed to take care of all the immediately issues as need. 
    • A Culfidant planning and budgeting schedule has been arranged to allocate the budget and man power to keep the home to its mint condition. 

The above3 Culfidant A+ pillars are the keys to the real long-term residential real estate investment success.