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Q085 – Step by Step Guide to “ACTs Roar” Home

Thank you for your interest in one of  ACTs Roar certified A+ Homes – “ACTs ROAR” is a vibrant community where A+ Culfidant Triplet of homes, tenants and landlords can match and discover years of joy by renting, sharing and caring through human decency and mutual respect. 

In this guide, we will walk you through the steps leading to your ACTs Roar certified A+ home. 

Step 01 – Inquiry via Text

Once you read the ad thoroughly and feel this home is a right fit for you. You may text us for the link with more details about the home and the link to book viewing. (Click here for an example of  d-page)

Step 02 – Book Viewing

Once you have checked out the detailed page (d-page) and are confident that this is the right home for you and your family, you may click the button marked “Book Viewing” at the bottom of the page to book a viewing. 

There are two types of viewings. 

  • One is a traditional viewing when the current tenants are still in the home. We normally arrange one showing per week to ensure the peaceful enjoyment of our current A+ residents. 
  • The other is called a “Green viewing” – when the home is currently vacant, we will apply this option for you to view the home in person at your preferred time, eco-friendly.. Click here for a demo)

In the case where you feel confident to proceed after checking out the video tours on the detailed page and decide to skip the viewing, you may use the button called “Apply Online” at the bottom of the page to apply. If this is the case, please text us first asking for a callback to brief the matter. This will ensure effective communication so that everyone is on the same page.

Step 03 – view/apply 

Once you text us to confirm your attendance 2 hours prior to the showing as requested, we will show you the home and answer any questions you may have, and may text you the application link if you decide to apply.

Step 04 – Apply/secure the home

Once you have submitted your application form and provided supporting documents, we will process your application and inform you of the results within 1-2 days.

If your application is tentatively approved, we will ask you to complete the following two actions as soon as possible or within 24 hours to secure the home:

  1. Review and sign the lease agreement sent via Docu-Sign Online
  2. Make the payment for the first month rent and security deposit 

Once both of the above steps are completed, we will inform all candidates on the waiting list of the change in renting status, turn off the marketing campaign, and update the detailed page for this home as “currently rented.”(Click here for a demo)

Step 05 – Self-Move-in Readiness

Two weeks prior to the move-in date, we will send you the “ACT’s Roar” Home Care page for you to prepare for the upcoming move-in. (Click here for a demo) 

Step 06 – Move-in and first Welcome Meeting

You will receive the “Self-move-in” instruction email by 12:00 noon on the move-in date. Within the first 7 days upon your move-in, we will conduct the first welcome meeting to ensure a smooth transition and address any concerns you may have.. (Click here for a demo of “Self-move-in” instruction email)

Step 07 – Sit Back and Enjoy

During the first month, we will send you some short video clips to share with you how to settle in, discover, and enjoy the benefits of our community built on human trust, mutual respect, and common decency. So sit back and enjoy for the years to come 🙂

I hope this post provides you with a clear path forward to guide you to our ACTs Roar Certified home. Feel free to send me a quick note if I can be of any further assistance.

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We are looking forward to having you grow and thrive together!