Q080-We Show Once a Week, and Here’s Why

Last Updated on 2024-03-09 by Tom

In the realm of ACT Roar – the A+ Culfidant Triplet of homes, tenants, and landlords – our commitment stands firm: to maximize the peaceful enjoyment of our current A+ tenants, even as they prepare to move out when their lease ends. How? It’s simple. We stick to our tradition. Instead of bombarding our departing tenants with endless showings, we opt for a once-a-week showcase at a pre-scheduled time and date.

Sure, we understand that this approach might cost us opportunities and money. Many prospective tenants may find themselves unable to view the property at their preferred time. But we’ve chosen loyalty. Loyalty to our current tenants who’ve been loyal to us for years. Loyalty to ensuring their quality of stay extends to the very last day and beyond, even if it means enduring a possible vacancy longer than desired.

For those whose schedules don’t align with our weekly showcase, rest assured. We offer an alternative: video tours. These U-tube videos, available through the link we provide, offer a genuine reflection of the home’s condition. Many of our current A+ tenants have happily secured their homes without ever setting foot inside, relying solely on these video tours. If this level of trust resonates with you, click here to apply and secure your home.

At the heart of it all, we stay true to our mission – ACT Roar. Having A+ tenants isn’t just about timely rent payments and property care; it’s about providing them with the best care in return. And that includes our policy of only one showing per week.

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