Q082- Get Ready for Your New Appliance

Last Updated on 2024-04-11 by Tom

Great news for you – a new appliance is soon to grace your home! This post is your go-to guide to ensure your space is primed and ready for this exciting upgrade. With a few key pointers, let’s ensure a smooth transition:

Pre-Delivery Checklist: You’re likely to receive a checklist designed to prepare you for the arrival of your new appliance. It’s crucial to review and follow these instructions before the delivery date, especially if your old appliance is marked for haul-away. This often means it needs to be disconnected and ready to go. Should you need help with this step, reach out to us before the delivery day. Remember, any costs incurred from not completing these tasks will be your responsibility.

On the Delivery Day: Ensure someone aged 18 or older is present at home on delivery day to receive the appliance. This is a standard requirement for the delivery and installation process.

Post-Installation Checks: After the installation, take a moment to ensure everything is working as it should. We recommend sending us pictures of the appliance, including a front view as well as images capturing the series and model numbers. This helps us keep accurate records and ensures your satisfaction.

Our goal is to make the arrival of your new appliance as seamless and enjoyable as possible. Preparing in advance goes a long way in avoiding any hitches during delivery and installation. We’re here to assist every step of the way, so your transition to your new appliance is nothing short of delightful.

For your convenience, we have attached the detailed checklist from Home Depot, one of our main contractors – so that you can get ready by checking off it prior to the day of delivery.

Happy appliance welcoming!

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