P408, Initial Deposit – Secure the Fair Chance

Initial Deposit - Secure the fair chance Many of us have the similar experience: we viewed the home, loved it and applied. we were praying to get approved soon and move into the dream home.... A few days later, we were being told another candidate had been chosen among many applicants because his/her application is stronger even he/she applied after you. Is there a better and fairer way to secure your dream home? Yes, there is. Welcome to the concept of "initial deposit". This post explains…


P406, One-level suite – is it right for you?

Single-level suite - Is it right for you? Now days it is getting more and more popular to divide one house into up/down rental suites. More popular for one good reason: because it provides a sweet spot for the savvy home hunters who love to enjoy the benefits of living in a house while saving big on renting costs.This post shares the pros and cons to live in a single-level suite, plus a checklist to decide if "single-level suite living" is right for you.  What is…


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