Culfidant community current services

Traditionally, there are two ways to manage residential rentals –

One is to become a know-it-all and do-it-all landlords with sweat, blood and tears via years of hard work ahead; or, 

To hire property managers – with hefty property management fees (10% of  the rents) and likely mixed results.  

Culfidant community offers the third option – A platform where landlords can manage their rentals by applying various workflows/services,  which are highly automated and have combined the power of the computer technology and the expertise from the industry’s experts. The results? you can enjoy the best of the both worlds. namely, 

01). Your run rentals smoothly on autopilot most of time with optimized results and minimum effort.  

02). As a member, you enjoy all the services with great result at a friction of the cost (4% of rents ) 

02).  In the community where homes are shared happily for long time, everyone’s future win is secured. 

These workflows/services are as follows: 

  1. Culfidant university – We provide vast education resources to spread the quest of “share homes happily, travel cultures freely, and make friends globally”. Click here for more. 
  2. One-day Boot-camp seminar – It shares the secrets on how one can invest in residential real estate effortlessly and happily for the years to come. Click here for more. 
  3. CA+RMAP – This powerful “Culfidant A+ Resident Magnetic Attracting Platform” service lets you attract the best of the best in less than 45 days, Guaranteed. Click here for more. 
  4. “Swan” Platform “- This program turns an ordinary rental into a stunning Swan that attracts only right prospects, every single time. Click here for more. 
  5. “Culfidant move-in readiness” platform – It empowers you with streamlined work flow that will make the move-in for you and the tenants a breeze without the dumbfounded move-out dramas. Click here for more. 
  6. “Culfidant friendship nurturing” platform – the biggest secret that 99% of the landlords don’t even have a clue, it nurtures a rental into a shared home for all to enjoy for years to come. Click here for more. 
  7. “Chief” platform – This on-demand maintenance service allows you to get the right professionals when needed. It ensures your home are being kept up to its mint condition all the time. Click here for more
  8. “Mirror” platform – This powerful regular home inspection program gives you the accurate and clear image of your home just like mirror – you know what you home exactly looks like via it. Click here for more. 
  9. “Lease auto renew” platform – This service will automatically take care the lease renew only with preferred clients with the right terms for both landlords and tenants to enjoy. Click here for more. 
  10. “Emergency response” platform – This service lets you sleep sound and tight with peace in mind every single night, while all the emergency calls will be taken care of. Click here for more. 

All the above services can be enjoyed by the members (on-demand, standard and VIP), learn how to become a member, please click here