For landlords - Is the community right for you?

In Culfidant community with interconnected members of landlords and tenants who treat each other with decency, care and trust, As a landlord member, you will have 100% control over your own investment rentals,  while enjoying the following benefits exclusively: 

  1. Rental automation – Rent/manage your rental automatically?? you bet! check out our powerful rental modules!
  2. Fix/repair  – Have all your maintenance  needs taken care of via Culfidant-Home-CHIEF-Workflow
  3. Sleep tight – Tenants can access Culfidant emergency support at night so that you can sleep tight. 
  4. “Win-Win” – Tenants have 7 chances a year to win free-rents via lucky member draw while caring and enjoying the home.
  5. Branding power – Your Culfidant certified home attracts great tenants with the brand power of decency, care and trust.
  6. Free posting – You can post unlimited rentals via our website and 
  7. Lesson learned – through the community lesson learned program   we all grow and thrive together. 

Do you…  

  1. LOVE the rental investment works hard for you, not the other way around? 
  2. LIKE “culfidant” philosophy of sharing homes with care, trust and decency?
  3. ENJOY the above benefit with a membership fee as low as $1.00/day only?

If the answer all yes, you may click here to apply. 

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