For landlords - Is the community right for you?

Instead of the myth of “hiring so-called experts to find great tenants”, we have proved that the interconnected community of landlords and tenants who believe in the values of decency, care and trust can “share” homes happily, travel cultures freely, make friends globally. As a landlord member, you can enjoy the following benefits: 

  1. Great tenants – You have exclusive access to the best tenants within our community.
  2. Branding power – Certified as “Culfidant home”, your rental stands out with its high standard & quality. 
  3. Free posting – You can post unlimited rentals via our website freely, and free access to 
  4. “Win-Win” game – You tenants have 7 chances a year to win free-rents while taking care of the home and pay rents on time. 
  5. Emergency-Text – Your tenant can text us for emergency response between 8 pm to 8 am, so that you can sleep tight at night!
  6. Maintenance request  – You can have all your maintenance  needs taken care of via “Culfidant-Home-Care-Workflow”
  7. On-line education resources – the community hosts regular education seminars to nurture the growth of the community as well as to build the strong relationships/bonds among members.  You have the access to the most powerful resources on residential real estate investing  for support whenever you need. 
  8. Member-only-package – We have developed powerful marketing and managing modules that combines the AI and machine-learning technology. As a member, you will have exclusive package to access them. For more details, click here
  9. Honest review – you can write  review about the tenants, while the tenants have the opportunity to tell their side of stories within a given time-frame. It is only reasonable for both landlords and tenants to share their honest experience  on a transparent and highly reputable public platform, so that we can all learn and improve. 

To join the culifdiant community and become a landlord member, you may check the following as a quick checklist: 

  1. Yes, I like the “culfidant” philosophy of sharing what we all care. 
  2. Yes, I am currently the owner and/or legal representative of the rental home. 
  3. Yes, I will let my current tenants know all the great benefits of being a culfidant tenant member (click here for details), and their enrollment will be totally voluntary, and will be free as long as I join as a landlord member. 
  4. Yes, given all the benefit I will enjoy, the membership fee of $25.00/month is worthwhile indeed. 

If you are answers are all yes. Congratulations – You are eligible to join the community. You may click here to apply whenever you are ready. 

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