Membership related - Types of memberships and how to become a member

There are 4 types of memberships available currently:  

  1. On-demand membership – You may choose one of on-demand services available to experience its power. It also has monthly payment option for you to try out the full service. 
  2. Standard membership  – This is the core membership we offer. It covers all the key work flows of a residential real estate investment and renting process. Via this membership, you can self-manage the rentals like a pro, let your investment grow on auto-pilot for long term, with minimum effort and cost. 
  3. VIP membership – To qualify for VIP membership, you must have been a Culfidant member for minimum one-year, or, referred by a current member, and fully buy-in Culfidant community guidelines and best practices. Instead of self-managing, you choose to have the rentals cared fully by Culfidant community instead. 
  4. Tenant membership – When the landlords are either regular or VIP members, tenants are part of the community by default and enjoy all the benefits via the community services. The membership fee is free. If you are currently renting but the landlords are not part of the culfidant community, you can still join the community on your own. click here for the full service checklist. 

You may click here for the details of services for various memberships and fee structure. 

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