P408, Initial Deposit – Secure the Fair Chance

Initial Deposit - Secure the fair chance Many of us have the similar experience: we viewed the home, loved it and applied. we were praying to get approved soon and move into the dream home.... A few days later, we were being told another candidate had been chosen among many applicants because his/her application is stronger even he/she applied after you. Is there a better and fairer way to secure your dream home? Yes, there is. Welcome to the concept of "initial deposit". This post explains…


P406, One-level suite – is it right for you?

Single-level suite - Is it right for you? Now days it is getting more and more popular to divide one house into up/down rental suites. More popular for one good reason: because it provides a sweet spot for the savvy home hunters who love to enjoy the benefits of living in a house while saving big on renting costs.This post shares the pros and cons to live in a single-level suite, plus a checklist to decide if "single-level suite living" is right for you.  What is…


How to communicate effectively with Condo board/Property managers?

Where was the $378.00 invoice from? How to communicate with the condo board/property manager effectively? To work with a condo board/property manger, one needs to be extremely clear and keep good record to avoid any confusion. Here is an experience we have to demonstrate what could happen if one does not. A few months ago, one tenant called in to report that there was no hot water in his unit. He is living in a condo building. As a precaution, we called the property manager who was…


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