How does 24 hrs advanced notice work for the showing arrangment

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Quite often, people do not exactly know what to be expected when the culfidant agents/home care specialists show the residences to the prospective. This post give you a quick run-down on how it works. 

First of all, How Alberta tenancy act applies. As per the act, it says when it comes to arrange the showing of the residence that is still occupied and going to be available soon to the public, the showing may be arranged and conducted as long as the current tenant are given 24 hrs advanced notice with or without his/her consent and or presence. In other words, the current residents has no legal right to say no one is allowed to get into my room or home, if 24-hr advanced notice has been given. He/she may choose to either leave or stay during the showing time. 

In actual cases, our Culfidant community has followed the practical approach that is in line with Alberta tenancy Act perfectly at the same time. Here is how it works: when we have potential prospects want to view the place, our office will make arrangements normally during the reasonable time frame, such as Monday to Saturday from either sometime during the day, and or in the later afternoon or earlier evening. In this way, the current tenants are generally either at work, or at home actively.  instead of the bedding time, and in addition, we also try to avoid the Sundays whenever possible, and try to combine a few viewings into one time frame of the same day in the effort to minimize the distribution of the peaceful life of the current residents. This all be accomplished with a state of art booking system that we have developed in house. It allows the email and text notification to be sent automatically to the current residents as soon as the minimum 24-hr in advance viewings have been booked. In this way, you will know excatly when and how long the showings are. 

During the showing, one of our culfdiant home care specialists will be waiting at the home with the keys to access homes/rooms. In these showing time periods, the current residents may choose to either stay or leave at their own will. 

It is, of course, highly appreciated that our current clients can keep the places nice and clean, and quite often than not, because of the solid relationship we have been built up over the years with our clients, many of them event choose to show the place for us, so that we can burn less gas, keep our planet greener, and spend more time that matters even more, which is,  nurture our culfidant community that all of the members share homes happily, travel cultures freely, and make friends globally. 




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