How to save $2,388 a year while sharing home happily!

The math is simple: when you choose to enjoy one of FSC standard shared student accommodation, you can save a minimum of $2,388.00 on an annual basis versus you rent along: 

  1. Fully furnished room, $50.00/month saved comparing to buy everything on your own
  2. In-suite laundry ($27.00/month comparing to pay the laundry coins (or even more if you buy a fancy set of washer and dryer)
  3. Wi-Fi cost of $72.00/month, otherwise you have to pay with the fear of more charges on data if you are not careful 🙁
  4. Utilities of at least $ 50.00/month, now are included in the rent as well!

All above add up to a total of $199.00/m saving, or $2,388.00 yearly reward to you!

However, all the above only WORTHWHILE when you have a clean and safe home to share with like-minded others. That is why our focus is simple: To qualify the right people, and set up the right guidelines for a clean an friendly home, then, it is up to you to ripe the fruit of shared happiness!

with an additional $2,388 extra in the pocket, while sharing clean and happiness, we make your decision simple and enjoyable!

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