Q039, Furniture handling (bring in or take out) when I stay in a furnished home?

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Bring in my own furniture or move out current when I stay in a Culfidant furnished home?

Sometimes our new residents may consider to bring them own furniture into Culfidant furnished homes, or adjust or move-out certain items. Below is the best practice for you to consider and follow.

In general, there should be no any additional furniture to be brought in There reasons are
01). All the furniture provided have been inspected and pest free and met with our health safety standard.

02). All the furniture have been designed to fit the home the best and to arrange move-in, move-out and storage will cost additional money, time and risk of damage, therefore, it is not recommended.

In rare cases, if you prefer to bring in your own furniture/or move-out the current furniture, it must meet with the following conditions:

01). It shall be within 3 month purchase with the proof of the receipts to be sent to our office.

02). You have arranged the storage the replaced furniture pieces and return it to its original status upon your lease expiration, and it shall not be interfere with the other roommates enjoyment of stay at the same time – For example, it can not be put into the living room or any common area in the home)

03). Any cost involved move-in, move-out, storage and or any damage during the shipping and storage shall be covered by the resident solely.

The documents along with the application shall be sent to us in writing for our office review and approval first before the furniture can be brought in.

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