FAQs about the option of " the current resident conducts the showing to the prospects"

As a current community member, you are qualified to take on the option of showing the home. meet with the new people, and earn the rewards via the process. Here is a quick nutshell on how this work:

01 – The prospect will book a viewing via our book system online. See demo here

02 – 2-hr prior to showing, the prospect will receive an email and text message automatically. It will ask their confirmation for the showing via text or call to your number directly.

03 – They show up on time, you open the door and show them around, answer any questions they asked related to the home, and refer them back to our office wrt any question related to the rental. 

04 – Upon the showing completion – you may text us at 587-774-1206 and let us know if you think they are a good fit (give a mark of 1 to 3, 1 as not a good fit, 2 as good fit and  3 is a perfect fit), or any notes you like to make. 

You will be rewarded will $150.00 as the basic showing fee; 

And additional $150.00 if the home is being rented during the time you are there.

Overall, 87% of our community members have chosen to take on this opportunity, not only because of the handsome reward of money, it is also a great way for you to meet with the new people and polish your communicating and leadership skills too 🙂

Normally the standard times for showing are as the following: 

5 pm to 7 pm for Mon to Fri

11 am to 2 pm on Saturdays

No showing for Sunday. 

If you like to adjust based on your schedule, please call us to arrange. 


If you happen to have to leave for 1 weekend that has showings, all you need is to let us know in advance and we will cover it for you.

Yes, you will still get the money of $150.00 plus $150.00 even if it turns out to be the one that we show on that weekend 😊

Yes, right after we send you the email asking to consider taking on the showing opportunity, we can send you a test run under the name (ViewingTestFSC) with the email address as testing001@flyingstonecanada.com will be sent to you so that you can experience what it looks like. 🙂

Upon the booking, the prospect shall receive an email asking to review our safety measures called “touchless showing guideline”. Click here for more details. 

In short, wearing masks during the entire showing is mandatory. 

If you decide not to take on this showing opportunity, our office will conduct the showing with 24-hr advanced notice sending to you via our booking system. 

It is highly appreciated that you can help by keeping the home presentable in a natural clean and tidy state, and you are more than welcome to stay during the showing, which is optional.