Touch.less showing guideline

showing overview

To ensure the best experience and your safety, the coming showing is being designed as so-called “touch-less” process whenever possible.

Mask – Wearing mask and/or facial shield are MUST for the coming showings. Please disclose any health related issues or concern promptly to ensure everyone’s health and safety. 

Green-viewing – You will be coming to view the home in person. To best practice the physical distance, we have developed so-called “green viewing”. This  video link  explains how it works. (Please note: If the home is occupied, the current residents and/or or our Culfidant home care agent will  be there to open the door for you)

Zoom App – The app called “Zoom” may be used during the green-viewing. (when you arrive on site, one of our staff will be connecting you via Zoom to direct you into the home for the viewing). Please download the App onto your cell phone if you have not done it yet, and make sure your phone has sufficient data plan. 

Application form – The home will be held for the applicant who has the application form summited and the initial deposit paid in full, on “first come, first served” basis. To complete the application from prior to the showing, click here for home/suite (here for room) 

2-hr prior to the showing

2-hr prior to the showing time, you will receive an email/text asking you to confirm. 

Upon your confirmation, we will send you the Zoom meeting link for the coming showing. 

Please make sure that your cell phone has being fully charged. 

Upon your arrival

Please text (587) 774-1206 upon your arrival, do not approach the main entrance, ring the door bell or touch the door handle unless being directed otherwise. 

We will connect you via the zoom meeting, brief you the showing process, go thorough identification and health questions prior to the formal showing. 

If the home is occupied, the current residents and/or or our Culfidant home care agent will  be there to open the door for you. 

If the home is vacant, we will direct you to the local lockbox at the entrance to get the key first. 

During the showing

One of our staffs shall be on Zoom meeting (or in person) with you during the entire showing.  

If the current home is occupied, please follow the lead/guide of the resident/agent while keeping 2 m physical distance during the showing and keep the whole showing touch-less if possible, the residents/agent will open and close the door and lead the way during the entire showing.

In addition, there are many showings back to back, so please be mindful on your time frame and keep the showing within 15 minutes. 

Do not take pics/video during the showing due to privacy concern.

After the showing

Our staff on the Zoom/or in person will be answering any question you might have, sending the application form link for your follow-up. 

Please feel free to text/call us at (587) 774-1206 if we can be of any further help.