P021, Why do I receive the lease renew 60 days earlier?

Last Updated on 2020-07-29 by Tom

Why do I receive the lease renew 60 days earlier?

“Why do I receive the lease renew letter, while the current lease ending date is still around 60 days away?” Fair question. There are 3 main reasons why:

One, in the current lease, it says 60-days written notice shall be given if either side like to renew it, after the current lease expires. It is one of our best practices to send the renew letter to the so-called “preferred residents” 60-days prior so that you may have the first option to choose before it is available to the public when the 60-day mark reaches.

Two, the lease renew letter also make the exclusive-offer to our own clients so that you can enjoy the home continuously.

Three, in the case you may decide to move out, 2-month in advance planning will not only put you in a well-prepared mood that is ahead of the average population, it helps us to get the move-out and showing ready so that we all plan the winning game ahead together.

That is it – the letter is for our preferred clients only with exclusive offer, and it will also get us ready way ahead of “average”.

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