Duct Cleaning – Myth or Necessity?

Last Updated on 2019-02-28 by Tom

One of the most common questions being asked is this”I saw a flyer says it is time to clean up my ducts, should it be done?

As there are many “motivated” furnace cleaning companies telling the world the answer is an absolutely “YES” or else… Is this a no brainer, or there is more to it?

Instead of jumping into any conclusion quickly, we would like to share with you, our valuable clients, unbiased information and then we can make an informed decision together.

We would like to invite you to read this article by a third party’s blog, which has a thorough discussion on this topic (click the line below)

Duct Cleaning: Myth or Necessity by Tess Wilson at “Apartment Therapy”

After the reading, I think we all have a pleasant surprise: after all, What we are going to do with our homes and ducts should not be a hard and expensive choice, shouldn’t it?

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