Case Study 01 – Three Generations in a Large Home with a Legal Suite

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Allow me to present a case study featuring a remarkable family currently residing in one of our expansive homes boasting six bedrooms and four baths. They’ve been happily settled for over four years now, and I’m thrilled to share their experience with you.

Firstly, let’s delve into the property itself. It’s a bi-level home constructed in 2008, comprising three bedrooms and two full baths on the upper level, along with an additional legal suite with three bedrooms and two full baths downstairs. The rental price stands at approximately $2300.00 per month, excluding utilities.

Now, let me introduce the family—a dynamic blend of three generations. The parents, along with their three children aged between 18 to 26, all belong to Generation Z. Some are engaged in full-time or part-time employment, while others are pursuing higher education or just beginning their careers. Additionally, the grandparents are an integral part of the household.

Here’s how they’ve ingeniously utilized the space: in accordance with their cultural values, the grandparents reside in the master bedroom upstairs, complete with their own ensuite. The parents occupy the second-largest bedroom, while the third bedroom doubles as the husband’s home office.

As for the basement legal suite, it’s a haven for the three children. With individual bedrooms and two baths, there’s no contention over toilet usage, and they can enjoy movie nights without disrupting their parents’ earlier bedtime. Conversely, they can indulge in a leisurely lie-in while their grandparents partake in morning exercises in the spacious living room. Thanks to the exceptional soundproofing, you’d hardly even notice if there were a rock concert in one of the spaces!

The family has savored the comforts of their large home for over four years now. In their own words, it’s not just a house—it’s the fulfillment of their dreams, and they revel in that dream each and every day.

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