Wired, huge and green…

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For some reason I wasn’t not quite sure yet, I all of sudden remembered a student with a huge green wired hat on his last day of his co-op term in Suncor, where I had worked 10 years ago.

Ryan had been in our engineering team as a co-op student for 4 months and I couldn’t even notice him or remembered him. How could I?

He was quite normal. I would politely say he is good looking, with fair height, and good personality, and if you replace all the so called “Good” with “average”, that is really what I mean (As English is my second language, I found it is fun to figure out these “real” subtle differences between words).

But not anymore, all because of his huge green wired hat.

It was his last day in Suncor and Ryan decided to wear this huge green hat. And there is no way anyone can miss it even the blind might “feel” thegreen too!

I remembered to stop him in the hall way and asked:”Hi what is this all about?” (To that last day, I still didn’t even remember his name, shame on me, I knew). Here is what Ryan told me, and I will never forget:

I know I am not that special and I know no one really take notice on me. and today is my last day, the last chance for anyone here to even know I was around. So I came up with this idea, to wear huge green wired hat for the entire day today.

10 years later, I have forgotten so many other strangers, except Ryan and his huge wired green hat. In the last ten years of running my own business, I started to learn and appreciate more and more what Ryan, a co-op student, had taught me with his last day presence and his huge wired, green hat.

You can not be just good. If you hear you are good, Take a note if I may ask, you are actually not. Not in the mind of others, and even more importantly, not in your own heart. we all need to move out our comfort zone first, If your goal in life is to be something great, quite frankly to be just good, or even better, won’t deliver. The only way to make an extrodinary impact that lasts is to be extrodinary yourself first. you have to be something that is xxxest. the wirest, the strongest, the craziest, the best. You have to wire (note, this is not a typo, I mean wire) that stupidest, most wired, the most outrage, green huge hat in your mind first, in order to have a profound impact to the world around you and beyond…

If you ask me what kind of employee I want to hire, here is my answer: if you dare to come to me for interview with a huge green wired hat, I would hire you in a heart beat. and I would give you a hug and say: lt has been 10 years, my friend…

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