Hi, my name is Tom. 6 years ago, I decided to quit my well-paying engineer job and run this rental business instead. Since many of you might be curious as to why I did this, let’s start with the top 3 most common questions I’ve been asked over the years…

Question #1- Why did you quit your engineer job and become a landlord?

The short answer is that curiosity always gets the best of me. My engineer job was great in terms of pay cheques and security, but it became less and less challenging as time passed by. On the contrary, land lording, combined with the internet age and technology, makes a perfect field for me to explore, learn, create, and grow, while applying my engineering principles. It actually gives me the best of the two worlds! Six years after, it is still as fascinating and intriguing than ever. I am sure I won’t be bored for a while 🙂

Question #2, Why does “Flying Stone Canada Ltd” really mean?

Once someone guessed this name had something to do with Chinese martial arts, which I then confessed, I know next to nothing about. It might be hard to imagine an everyday rock soaring past your eyes but if you look again closely, all the tiny dust particles in the air are like miniature stones, floating effortlessly. If you look further, into the universe, all the stars and planets are humongous flying stones too. The point is that our different perspectives shape the world we believe in. As long we keep our minds open and be curious and creative. So what does this have to do with the renting business? Actually, everything. Here is the link to find out how we make stones fly

Question #3, Your tagline, make impossible happen naturally… sounds interesting, but how?

The key here is naturally as nature always has the best way to get things sorted out. This means doing everything in the most natural and genuine way I can. The videos below are great examples to demonstrate how this works. After getting into student housing business for sometime, I thought it is only natural to ask around for feedback about how we do what we do. Many said no, naturally, and some said yes quite naturally too with the permission to put videos here as well. So enjoy! (Thanks Heather and Robert, your happiness is what keep me going all the time!)