When considering rent a room in a shared accommodation, the money you may save does matter, but don’t you agree everything in the checklist below is at least as important as the savings, if not more?
 1. ROOMMATE – Are the people I will be roommate with trustworthy, respectful?
 2. CLEAN – Is the place tidy and clean all the time? Or it is messy, dirty, no one really care at all?
3. SAFETY – Is the place safe and sound and I can have peace in mind all the time?
4. QUIET – Is there a solid policy in place so everyone knows and follows the quiet time?
5. SMOKING – Is this place for “freemen on land” when it comes to smoke or it is a real no-smoking home?
6. PET – Could someone else’s favorite lizard or snake sneak into my room in mid of night, or, I know before-hand that this is a no-pet of any sort home?
7. GUESTS – Will I wake up in the morning & find sleeping-over guests all over the house?
8. ETIQUETTE – Will my stuff in fridge or kitchen be shared without permission?
9. CONCERN – Is there someone I can go to for immediate attention if needed?
10. WHAT MATTERS THE MOST– Is the place being professionally managed by people who do care?
At Flying Stone Canada Ltd, it matters to us to take care of what matters the most to you: 
It matters when your parents put big smiles on their faces seeing you waving goodbye in front of your new-found home that you all fall in love with
It matters when you text your loved ones telling them you have found a perfect place to live in a far-away land 
It matters when you share with your friends that you are so lucky and living one of the best places in town
Because when we take care of what matters the most to you, we know we are running our business towards our best, and that is what matters the most to all of us
All of our shared accommodations/rooms are:
– Location: 5 minutes or less walk distance to direct bus stop and/or LRT station, which brings you to U of A, Nait and all the main parts of city in minutes
 – Roommates: every tenant of us has passed strictly credit check and reference with no exception.
 – Professionally management: all of our properties are being managed by our dedicated property management staff and system to top-mint condition.
 – Pleasant surprises: In-suite token operated washer/dryer included; wireless Wi-Fi access included; Utilities are included once you enroll trademark “i-care environmental friendly program”. Furnished option, we can make it happen if you need.
 – Community: The company sponsors annual city musical festivals, and one of our tenants is being chosen to give out the reward to the musical completion winners!
 – Social responsibility: you are one of proud participants of City of Edmonton’s environment program “90 ways to 90% less waste” automatically once your move into our beautiful shared accommodations, and get ready for the opportunity to win an i-pad while taking care of our shared environment together, starting right from home!
Thank you for the opportunity to letting us take care of what matters the most to you!