So what is so called “FSC self check-in” process ® and how does it work?

Normally, on the move-in day, you have to set up a time with the property manager, and/or landlord to go over the tedious details of every simple item on the long move-in report to match with the condition of the house, while your movers, helpers, and your belongs are all waiting in hours for you to complete the move-in “walk-through”and not to mention what if you, or your landlord is stuck in the traffic and can’t be on time until hours later? 

None of these hassles anymore! with our “FSC Self check-in” process®, our property managers get all the inspection completed and the report is sent to you via “Docusign” 24 hours before your move-in day, along with the pictures and videos of the property that we took during the prior move-in inspection, The combination code for the lock box (where the keys are inside), the location of this lockbox, and/or access codes for  your new home will be sent to you right before 12:00 pm during your move-in day so that you can move-in anytime after, it is totally your choice, with no need to meet any property manager at all, because we believe the relationship of trust starts by giving out trust first: to invite you to our home, we give out our trust first. plain and simple. 

Once you move in, you have also 24 hours time frame to check the report to make sure it is correct, put down any notes if anything we missed, and submit the report back to us, yes, together, we have transformed the whole tedious and could be brutal traditional move-in process into a breeze!

Self move-in process, just another beautiful example of how together we can make impossible happen naturally.