The Culfidant Home Move-In Cleaning Standard Explained


Moving into a new rental home is an exciting but often challenging process. One aspect that plays a crucial role in establishing a healthy landlord-tenant relationship is the move-in cleaning condition. In this blog post, we will introduce the concept of the Culfidant community move-in cleaning standard and explore how it fosters a positive atmosphere between landlords and tenants. Rather than providing a mundane checklist, we will use the analogy of a star-rating system to explain what you can expect and how you can contribute to maintaining a harmonious living environment.

Striving for the 3-Star Standard:

In the hospitality industry, hotels utilize a star-rating system to denote the overall quality of their accommodations. Similarly, rental homes can be evaluated using a similar approach. While moving into a spotless, brand new home is an ideal scenario, it’s also helpful to keep in mind that choosing a rental home involves a balanced approach by considering factors such as budget, location, years of construction, and the number of available rooms. The same principle applies to the cleaning standard as well. The move-in cleaning standard at Culfidant community aims to achieve a 3-star level, satisfying the majority of tenants.

What to Expect at the 3-Star Level:

At the 3-star level, you can expect your new home to have been thoroughly cleaned and documented in detail through video recordings. While the property will be in good condition, some wear-and-tear may be present, as it is natural for a previously occupied space. However, this level of cleanliness should be suitable for most individuals, providing a comfortable living environment. Click here for an video inspection example that demonstrates what a three-star Culfidant rental home move-in inspection looks like.

Upgrading to the 5-Star Level:

If you desire a higher level of cleanliness akin to a 5-star hotel experience, the choice is yours. However, it’s essential to understand that achieving this level may require additional time and effort on your part. In addition, If you plan to make any interior changes, such as painting or installing a TV wall-mount, It’s important to seek prior review and approval by providing a written scope outlining your intentions.

The Culfidant Community Approach:

At Culfidant community, we approach the move-in process differently from traditional practices. Instead of holding up your moving trucks and movers outside the home for an extended inspection, we prioritize trust. The property will be prepared up to our 3-star standard, and a detailed move-in condition video will be recorded with the exact date and time. You will conduct a self-move-in after noon on your designated day. While we are confident in the condition of the home based on our records, we understand that oversights can occur or uncertainties may arise.

Addressing Concerns and Improvements:

Within the first 48 hours of moving in, if you have any concerns, simply take notes, photos, and videos, and communicate them to us. We will address these issues during the first 7-day welcome Zoom meeting. Our goal is to either bring the home up to our standard, record any existing conditions “as is,” or communicate any notes that pertain to 5-star requests. By following this process, you will not be held accountable for these issues upon your move-out, as they were identified during the move-in phase.


The Culfidant community move-in cleaning standard is designed to ensure a satisfactory living experience for tenants while fostering trust and transparency between landlords and renters. By striving for a 3-star level of cleanliness , we aim to meet the diverse needs and preferences of our residents, and ensure a harmonious living environment for years to come.

If you have any further questions or require assistance, please feel free to reach out.