A Standard Tenant Insurance Certificate


A valid tenant insurance policy certificate provided by your insurance policy provider (agency or brokerage) shall include the following:

  1. Insurance company full name
  2. Policy No and the contact phone number/email address of your insurance provider
  3. Your full name and the home address matching with the lease agreement. 
  4. The policy effective period MUST cover the entire fixed lease term. 
  5. Coverage summary – typically including personal belongings coverage and liability coverage. 

Before you submit the certificate as part of the move-in readiness checklist requirement, please make sure ALL above are met.


If your policy is set up on monthly basis, please ask your policy provider to add our email branch001@flyingstonecanada.com as the landlord contact and keep it c.c.ed with all the update policy up to the current lease ending date. A confirmation email from the insurance provider shall be sent to us directly, or you may confirm with us directly with their email address being c.c.ed.


Click link here for a standard demo as your reference. Contact us if we can be of any further help.