Can I move-in earlier if the home is vacant?

Sometimes our clients want to move-in a few days earlier, when the coming home is vacant. The answer is a definitely yes with a few things below to be communicated to ensure we are on the same page.

  • Lease adjustment – The moment when the keys are being handed over, it actually means the legal occupancy is getting started formally with all the rights and liabilities outlined in the lease. To reflect this legal status change, the lease shall be updated to ensure your legal status of occupancy.
  • Pro-rated Rents – shall be arranged based on the pro-rated daily rents (for example, if it is 5 days earlier than the original starting date, and assuming the monthly rent is $1,000.00/month, then the additional rents of $164.35 or 5*$32.87/day ( $32.87 = 1000*12/365) shall be paid in full accordingly.
  • Move-in readiness – In addition, our office will ask minimum 3-days advanced notice to make sure the home is move-in ready (with the move-in inspection completed and your home is ready for move-in)
  • Tenant insurance – It is important to update your insurance company the change proper to make sure you are covered properly.
  • Utilities setting-up – You may also update the utility companies with the proper date to get your account started for the new home.

In short, once you decide to move-in earlier, just text or email us with minimum 3-days notice ahead of your proposed moving-in date, we will have all the above completed to make sure your coming move-in is a smooth one!