Q001 - How does Culfidant Green Viewing Work?

Culfidant Green Viewing is our way to ensure that you will view the home in person while making our planet greener. Here is how it works: 

  • Prior to the showing -We have put keys into the local lockbox at the entrance of the home. two hours prior to the showing, you will get a text meesage asking you to confirm you will be still on time.
  • Upon your arrival -One of our staff will start video meeting through either Zoom, FB messenger video chat or What’s app (at your choice) via cell phone.  Over the video meeting, we will direct you to open the lockbox, get the keys, enter the home, look around, answer any questions you may have. 
  • Upon completion – We will direct you to lock the door and put the keys back and reset the lockbox’s combination to 0000 

As you can see, green viewing is simple, efficient and flexible, all you need is a cell-phone with data plan (make sure it is fully charged prior to the showing :)) and tell us which way you prefer to be connected upon arrival (Zoom, FB, or What’app)

Though mutual trust, Culfidant green-wing not only allows you view the home in person, it also saves us the trip of driving back and forth, this, in turn, has helped to keep our planet greener by reducing 12 lb CO2 emission per showing on average! 

In any case if you are not able to connect via either of the above, please let us know in advance(Call or text 587 774 1206) and we may have it taken care of by a modified green viewing option.