10/90 Rule sets two types of room hunters apart…When it comes to find your perfect student housing:  

90% of people wait till the last days/weeks before rushing out, desperately fighting and grasping something that is “just fine” at the best, or 

10% plan way ahead, secure one of the best shared accommodations in town and truly enjoy and share the best home “happily”. 

This application form is for you, the 10%, to secure one of the best furnished rooms along with “3+1” guarantee by Flying Stone Canada Ltd. 

First “3” guarantees are: 1). Fully furnished room with private entry;  2). 5 minutes or less walk to LRT/bus stop; 3). All roommates are student mainly, professional only. Click here for a short 60 sec video to find out what a typical standard furnished room looks like. 

What is the “+1”? We offer 30-days money back guarantee – all rent will be refunded within first 30-day, if you are not happy with your home, no question asked.  Why do we guarantee your happiness in the new home?

Because we build something special, a community that share homes happily, and the best way that make us feel truly happy is when you are. 

(please note: due to the high demand, we only accept/process the applications from  students who are currently studying in university and or college full-time, and/or, the ones who have been accepted officially by the colleges. If you are NOT students and still like to apply, please call our office at 780-570-5388 first to discuss further and we will do our best to help)