FAQs of Culfidant Extra Care Program

The test-run of this program is starting on November 20, 2021, and will be applying to the current tenants who are staying in so called “Culfidant certified home” in Edmonton area, as well as to the new coming-in tenants who are going to staying in Culfidant certified homes under fixed lease term. 


For the current tenants, your year shall be the same as the lease renew term. For example, if your current lease starting on 2021-10-01 to 2022-09-30, then your first year limit shall be $250.00. 

Any unused amount shall NOT be carried over to the next year. 

To qualify for this program, you must under the yearly fixed term, and to rent a whole house or suite, not a room. 

You will receive the email with the link to register for the program, if your home is a certified culfidant home. If uncertain, please contact our office. 

Once you have a whole year’s receipts and total amount recorded and submitted as per the template in the Trello, you will send us an email to extracare@flyingstonecanada.com within the first 10 days of the next year. 

Upon the receiving of the email, our office will review the record by 20th day of the next year. 

You shall receive the amount that is qualified by the 30th day of the next year. 

Generally speaking, each year’s credit follows the term of “use it or lose it” with no further carry-over to the next year.

However, we do consider one exception, if you know you have a child (son or daughter) who is going to have so called Orthodontics treatment in the next few years. You may send us a request to include the following: 

01). you are intending to enjoy the home for up to 5 years, and 

02). you are going to save all the credit of $1700.00 for the coming 5-year to cover the extra cost of the child’s orthodontics treatment (bracing etc). 

03). you are going to lose all the benefit of the above if the lease is not completed as per agreed for 5 years. 

04). the advanced time you will need the funding (a minimum 1 year advanced notice is highly appreciated so that our office can make sure the funding is ready). 

05). You will submit the receipts to show the extra amount you are going to be qualified to get the above funding up to $1700.00. 

If you have unpaid rents occurred for only one-time and have it paid in full as per the lease within the agreed time period, we will keep the credit for the year still. 

If you have unpaid rent occurred for more than 1 time in the same year term, this credit for the year shall be revoked. 

If the lease is being terminated upon the owner’s request and mutual agreement is reached, you shall still have all the credit for the year. 

If the lease is being broken prematurely by you, you shall lose all the credit for the year. 


Culfidant community sponsored by Flying Stone Canada Ltd is going to host the program. 

Our office shall decide the time and date to modified, extend, suspend or terminate the program exclusively with no advanced notice.