Extra-care covers the cost of your health and dental

In culfidant community, we take solid steps to care our residents. Welcome to “culfidant member extra-care program” that will cover you and your family the health and dental cost that governments/employers don’t, up to 

$1700.00 in 5-years and beyond!

How does it work –

All residents who are currently staying in any of Culfidant community certified homes can get covered for the cost of the medical drugs and dental that are not covered by governments/employers. 

How much can be covered?

Up to $1,700.00  per family/household in 5 years and beyond!

Below is the yearly limitation for the first 5 years while you and your family stay and enjoy any one of our culfidant community certified homes. 

Year 01 – up to $250.00 coverage of uncovered medical and dentals for one lease (under the same household, or family unit)

Year 02 – up to $250.00

Year 03 – up to $300.00

Year 04 – up to $400.00

Year 05 and beyond – up to $500.00 per year

Who are qualified?

  • The current residents who are currently enjoying any one of our Culfidant certified homes on fixed-term lease, 
  • The ones who are just being approved and going to move-in to one of our Culfidant certified homes (the starting date will be the same as the move-in date)
  • It will be based on the household, or as the unit of a family. Anyone who have the personal ID and the full legal names included in the current valid lease agreement shall be regarded as qualified. 
  • All you need is to make sure the home is being well cared while you and the family enjoy it – you may send us few pics, a video clips to let us know the home is in great condition. That is all 🙂

How to get start

If you are our current resident

  • Register first via the form link here. 
  • Submitted all the receipts.
  • Get paid at the end of each year term. 

Not our current resident?

  • Click here to find a suitable culfidant certified home first!

Our goal is through this “tiny kindness in the big world”, we can radiate the positive energy that might bright our future.

For more about this program, please click here or contact our office for details.