P090 - Permanently closed on Google...

No – it is not a mistake. No one screwed up either. And No, it is not a hacking issue either. 

And yes, after some serious thinking, we have made the move to “permanently closed on Google”

Here is why – if you like to know. 

Time is the only asset that is invaluable for all of us. We found instead of spending time to deal with a few who are enjoying bad mouth others when their entitlement mindset is being disturbed, we decided to focus our effort on providing the best to the ones who are right for our service. 

So we went to check with Google and asking how can we turn off the review function. It should be a simple matter of a key stroke. But it was not that simple. Instead, 

Google’s standard is putting you on what looks like the modern version of “Prosecutes bed”. (To those who are unfamiliar with this term, here is a good book that could help). Simply put, the only way you can stop the review is to claim your business is permanently closed”. 

But we are not – all we want is to get rid of the noises from the reviews by the whinners,  and focus on what matters – provide A+ service to A+ clients. 

In the end, we learned there is no other way to make this work. So what should we do?

I did a quick search. First, I put the word “Google” into the google search bar, and found the only description of the company so on, which no review at all. Interesting….

Then I put the word “Apple”, again, same thing. there is no review either. 

This simple exercise all of sudden makes me realized what was really going on. 

Google, along with Apple, and other bigshots, know perfect fine what the so-called “customer review” really is – nothing more than noise. Therefore, they simply mute it. 

But because our “small business”, along with all the other million of small businesses, has no such privilege to do so but go the “Procrustes bed” to accept our fates – Either to be distracted continually by the noises, or simply being cut off. 

So that is why we simply told Google – All the best – and “permanently closed” our business, on Google to turn off the noise. 

Now we can really save some time to build something that we can be proud of – regardless what Google says.