Culfidant Home improvement Project – Hold Harmless Agreement

Terms and conditions


Whereas, Party A, has applied to the flying stone Canada Ltd. Office (Party B) for approval to construct “the agreed home improvement project” on the property located at the address in this agreement; and

Whereas, the Party A, has required the submittal of a hold harmless agreement, approved by Party B, in connection with the approval of the project, and

NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the above premises, and other good
and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby
acknowledged, the party A hereby agrees as follows:
1. To indemnify and hold harmless and forever release and discharge the
Party A, and/or its employees, personnel and agents, and/or the home owners from any and all liability, damages
or losses arising out of, or in connection with the Project, or its approval of the Project, including the costs of any suits, attorney’s fees
and other expenses in connection therewith, including trial and appeals therefrom.
2. To defend the Party B with counsel of its own choosing, pay or settle any
liabilities and claims against the party B’s officers, employees, personnel and agents, and/or the home owners arising out of,
or in connection with, the approval of the Project.
3. Party A affirmatively disclaims and waives all rights, if any, to hold the Party B’s agencies, its officers, employees, personnel and agents, and or the homeowners, to any liability, including damages, caused in the event that the Project is delayed for any reason.
4. Party A acknowledges that the acceptance of the agreement to construct the Project is a complete estoppel to it, its heirs, successors
and assigns as to any rights, real, apparent or otherwise, that they may have to challenge the efficacy of any conditions hereof.