FSC regional executive director assistant

  • Main duties
    • Part-time continuous based, starting as 10-15 hours per month and may increase based on the progress. 
    • Assist regional director to conduct interviews, marketing campaigns, events
    • perform writing policies, guidelines, and coordinate vary events of branding and market to nurture solid customer relationship. 
  • Pay and rewards
    • hour based. starting $15.00 per hour
    • executive accounts may assigned to 
  • To qualify
    • Must to be current full-time students who are having minimum year stay with Flying Stone Canada or, plan to move in for 1 year stay. 
    • Great in communication and very organized. Positive and generally happy in nature. Solid and reliable personality is a must
    • Excellent writing and presentation skills. hosting various events experience is a great assets. Volunteer experiences are fantastic asset to bring to our attention. 
  • Training requirements
    • 10-20 hour training in office may required, plus
    • 1-2 month online one-by-one mentor-apprentice program supported by another senior on-site property managers. 

To apply, please click the link here.