GreenViewing® Briefing and Book 5-min ZOOM meeting

In Culfidant community, we believe in trust and care for the environment. Culfidant GreenViewing® provides an eco-friendly way to view homes as the following – The keys to access the home are in a local lockbox, and we will guide you over the phone (or video chat) to get the keys with the code. You will be able to view the home in the next ~10 minutes, and then put the keys back for the next viewing. Together, we can save approximately 12.6 pounds of CO2 emissions per showing by eliminating the need for our agent to make a round trip. 


Below is the simple step 1-2-3 that guarantees your great viewing experience with us: 

Step 1 – “5-min Zoom meeting”: You book 5-min Zoom meeting via the form below so that we can meet and greet each other, set up the viewing time you choose, and answer any question you may have. After the meeting, we will send you the viewing confirmation by email. 

Step 2 – “Confirm viewing”: 2 hours before the viewing, we will send you a text to confirm that we are still on time.

Step 3 – “View home”: When you arrive, we will guide you over the phone to get the keys from the lockbox and enter the home. You can enjoy the viewing while we stand by to assist you. Upon the completion of your viewing, you text us a pics to show you have lock the door, put the keys back and reset the code back to 0000.  We will call you back to answer any question and discuss the next steps. 

Now, your turn for step 01 – to book the Zoom meeting via the link below and will look forward to seeing you soon!

 Book The 5-Min Zoom Meeting 

(Make sure you book it at least 4-hr prior to your booked showing time, or sooner, if possible)