GreenViewing® Briefing and 5-min ZOOM meeting booking

Thank you for booking Culfidant GreenViewing® with us!

Based on mutual trust, Glenview is an environmentally-friendly way to show home – together we eliminate 12.6 pounds CO2 emission by saving our agent’s round trip, while your-view in person is guaranteed 🙂Below is how it works in a simple Step 1-2-3. 

Step 01, “Meet each other”– via a quick 5-min Zoom video meeting face to face, at anytime that is convenient for you (you may book it via the section below). During the meeting, we will ask you show a piece of ID for a quick verification, and help answer any question you have prior to the showing. 

Step 02 , “Confirm viewing” – 2 hr prior via text indicating we are still on time.

Step 03 , “View home” – Once you arrive on site, we guide you via phone to get keys from the local lockbox, and get in the home. You then enjoy the viewing while we are standing by via phone/text to assist as needed. Upon the completion of the viewing in about 10 minutes,  you put the keys back. Done!

Over 95% of our clients prefer to get step 01 done in the comfort of home with free wi-fi available (instead of spending data plan on your phone upon arrival), plus the benefit of addressing any questions you may have prior to the viewing. 

Please book the 5-min-Zoom meeting to cover step 01 via the section below and we will see you soon!