FAQs for CA+RMAP Service

A+ Culfidant residents shall meet with the following: 

  • Buy-in Culfidant quest, guidelines and best practices. 
  • Plan to enjoy the home for long term (3-5 years or longer). 
  • Show strong personal traits of PPSO (Probity, Positivity, Stability, and Openness)and probity. 

All the above factors have been measured via “Culfidant A+ tenant score system”, which is an unique tenant screen method developed by Culfidant. It combines the 6 key factors, namely,

01). How long of previous stay;

02). How long staying the current work;

03). Income ratio;

04). Credit score;

05). Payment history, and

06). “Close eyes”. 

To be qualified as A+ tenant, the total score is 14 or plus (out 18 as the full score). 

This system has successfully screened over 50,000+ prospects with Zero forced eviction so far.

We have written a free e-book on this topic and click here if you like to get your free copy. 


Once you find A+ tenants via the CA+RMAP service, the 5-year warranty period shall starts – Anytime during the following 5 years, you can use CA+RMAP service for this home whenever you need with no question asked. 

Generally speaking, we are confident that the A+ tenants shall stay as long as 3-5 years or likely longer. However, it is only natural that things might happen with the time goes on. 

For example, after 3-years staying, the current residents is to be relocated to another city arranged by his employer.

When this happens, all you need is to send us a note and we will turn on the CA+RMAP service for your home to match with the new A+ tenants, and it is totally free. 


It means starting from the day when the property on the market, till the day the A+ tenant has been matched (marked as the application has been approved), the total time shall be within 45 days, or you can use CA+RMAP service for free. 

Since the CA+RMAP service put in service in 2016, the average days to find qualified A+ resident has been ~28 days.  That is why we feel quite confident with this “45-days” guarantee.

Please note – If you decide not to go with the applicant with the  approved score rated via “CA+RMAP”, and keep looking instead, it is totally fine as long as you understand: 

01 – The 45-day guarantee clause is not going to be in effect anymore.

02 – You may may choose to use CA+RMAP service continuously till you find the one you like, with the coming 5-year warranty still in effect.  

First, lets compare the CA+RMAP and self-renting

  1. ROI – 100% for continuous 5 year period vs ??
    • CA+RMAP has it proved performance to yield ROI of 100% for the 5-year period. Self-renting. This feat is the natural result of superb marketing, top investors’ expertise, and the state-of-art computing technologies. 
    • Self-renting hardly is rarely to get close to the above simply because it is extremely rare that an individual may possess all above 3 factors with the top levels. 
  2. Time spent – 45-day guaranteed vs. uncertain
    • CA+RMAP provide 45-day guaranteed time before finding the great tenants. 
    • Self-renting has no such clarity and confidence. 
  3. Tenant – A+ resident vs. luck 
    • CA+RMAP has its innovated score system to ensure the top quality of the coming in tenants. 
    • Self-renting on average can hardly predict the future and may have to count on the luck instead. 
  4. Staying – long term vs less-likely
    • CA+RMAP on average has residents stay for 3-5 year or longer. 
    • Self-renting – not likely have such claim to make. 

Second, Let’s compare CA+RMAP vs TPM (Traditional Property Management)

  1. ROI – CA+RMAP has proved record of 100% for 5-year term on average vs. TPM can not offer anything remotely close.
  2. How long taken to fill in the vacancy – CA+RMAP offer 45-day guaranteed vs nothing solid by TPM. 
  3. Tenant quality – A+ tenant via CA+RMAP score system, vs, mixed type of tenants by TPM. 
  4. 5-year warranty term? – Yes by CA+RMAP vs. N/A by TPM. 

It is the tenancy law requirement by province/territory/state that the landlord must provide the legal mailing address in the lease agreement signed with the tenants. 

This leads to many landlords to the only two options –

  • Option 01 – is to pay hefty property management fee (normally 10% of the rents or more) to have the lease signed under the legal address of the property management company. 
  • Option 02 – is to put personal actual home address in the lease. 

Most of the landlords choose the 2nd option – with the obvious side effect that your privacy is being put into jeopardy, especially when things go sour between you and the tenants. 

CA+RMAP allows you to choose the option of using the community sponsored mailing address to resolve the above dilemma. You are in comply with the legal requirement while keeping your personal privacy separated from your investment/business. 

It is an option that has been included in the CA+RMAP with no additional cost on you, as long as you are enrolled in the so called “Culfidant core membership trial” 

Most of the time, the communication shall be done via emails/texts. And we also monitor the mailing address above and forward you any mails on monthly basis with 45-day period (For example, any mails between Oct 1 to Oct 31, 2021 should be forwarded to you by November 15, 2021, there will be $10.00 processing fee if applicable). Under rare case, we can check the mail as per your special request for $25.00 per request to cover the trip and time spent). 


If the tenants for any reason leave before lease expires, and you may need to post the vacancy to the market – all you need to do is to send us a request to turn on CA+RMAP. We will have your rental home’s CA+RMAP service turned on within 24 hours upon your request.  

You use it for free if it is within the 5-year warranty period. Or, simply re-start another 5-year warranty period once the CARMAP turned on. 

Culfidant home readiness standard is a detailed checklist to be used as the exclusive guideline to bring the home up to the Culfidant home standard.

The standard covers a broad range of checkpoints to ensure the home is functioning, maintenance-free,  at its top condition and shows great too. 

Click here to have a peek on a demo portion of the checklist 

No – there is no such optional available in CA+RMAP service for the reasons below: 

Professionally taken video and photos are important to bring out the inner beauty of the Culfidant homes, which in turn to pay back the small investment up-front in much shorter time handsomely.

That is why instead of letting you taken pictures and video that is hardly to predict/apply high standard quality control, we have arranged the professional photographers who have been fully integrated with the Culfidant philosophy and guidelines to ensure the best result.