FSC216 Culfidant Home Care page with Abdi M Starting 2023-08-04

Discover the Joy of RSCing...

Dear Abdi – Welcome to your new home, where you may discover the joy of renting, sharing, and caring in our vibrant Culfidant community! We have created this special page exclusively for you, dedicated to all matters related to home care. From the moment your home is secured, we have you covered with the following:

  1. A handy move-in readiness checklist to help you settle in like a pro.
  2. A prior move-in video inspection, showcasing the condition of the home before your arrival.
  3. The Home Care Request Form, ensuring your home remains in top condition for your enjoyment in the years to come.
  4. A real-time home care log, providing you with access to all the information you need whenever you need it.
  5. An exclusive community board, keeping you updated on the latest happenings within our community.

As we enthusiastically welcome you to your new home and our community, we want to share our collective goal for this exciting journey ahead. We acknowledge that we have a lot to improve, and we are confident that by renting, sharing, and caring for one another with human decency, we can and will discover the true joy of RSCing together for many years to com

01. Move-in Readiness

This section is to help make your move-in process smooth and easy, like a pro 🙂 -For move-in readiness checklist – please click HERE (Password protected)

02. Move-in video inspection

This move-in readiness video inspection will be conducted  prior to your move-in day. (the video will be updated upon its completion)

Overall, the home is in good condition and is ready for possession according to Culfidant home standards.

The move-in inspection report has also been completed and will be sent to the new residents by the move-in day.

We encourage the newly moved-in residents to record any deficiencies and/or issues that may need to be addressed by filling out the work request form via the provided link. Our home care team will promptly address these concerns upon receiving the form.

03. Home Care Work Request Form

You may fill out the form using the link provided here to initiate any home care-related requests. This includes:

  • reporting any deficiencies that may have been missed during our prior move-in readiness inspection;
  • addressing maintenance-related issues during your stay, or;
  • sharing and starting any ideas or inspirations for home beautification or renovations 🙂

04. Culfidant Home Care Log with SM

In this section, you will find all the key records regarding home care since day 1 when your home was secured by the lease. Anything you need regarding your renting record, such as key documents, events, maintenance records, etc., can all be found in this section. It can be accessed by invitation only. Click here for to access. 

05. My Home - My Community...

You can stay updated on real-time information regarding the Culfidant community, exclusive to members by invitation only. This includes updates about the community as a whole, as well as finding all home care-related activities for your home listed under “FSC216“. Moreover, you have the opportunity to interact with us to facilitate certain actions that occur in your home or within our community. Please click here to access the board anytime you like (If this is your first time, you will be asked to send a join request. We will approve it once we receive your request)