FSC116 Move-in Readiness

For move-in readiness checklist – please click here.  (Password protected)

FSC116 Culfidant Home Care Log with ST

FSC116 move-in video inspection

was conducted by 2023-05-01. 

Overall the home should be in good condition – with the following issues that have been assigned to be taken care of

  1. entrance mirror panel off – to be reinstalled. 
  2. the back yard dog poop to be removed (done by Green Victory Ltd Pet Waste Removal Services already – the current new resident will check and get back to us tonight 2023-05-02)
  3. the dripp valve in master bedroom assigned. 
  4. the screen door at the entrace – to be fixed. 
  5. 2 closet panels in bedroom 4 and 5 downstairs – to be fixed. 
  6. 3 window screens downstairs to be re-installed. 
  7. the rail at the far end of the dinning room loose – to be tied up. 

The identified deficiency items will be recorded in detail in the following section, along with the the coming follow-up update as well.