FSC2023 Self-Move-in Readiness and Instrtruction

Dear clients, 

Welcome to Rm 3#, 4220 139 Av, NW, Edmonton, AB. 

You may follow the instruction below as the guideline to self-check-in. Feel free to text 815 901 5888 or Get hold of us via FB messenger if you have no phone access yet. 

Step by Step instruction of the self move-in

  1. After you arrive, please find the transportation to get you to 4220 139 Av, NW, Edmonton, AB
    1. Video link to show the surrounding area of the building and entrance. Click here
  2. Upon arrival, go ahead to the entrance of the building, and Buzz the number 421 and asking to get in (It is likely the gentleman called Teddy, who is the current roommate at Rm 01, will answer, once you hear the sound please open the building door and get in).
    1. Video link to show how to use Buzz at the entrance. Click here
  3. Go the 4th floor, arrive at the unit 406. Use the code we give you via the Facebook Messenger/Email to open the keyless lock
    1. Video link to show you have to open and close the keyless lock. Click here
  4.  Once you in, please remove your shoes and proceed to Room 3, you will find the lockbox hanged on the door knob. Use the code we sent to you via FB or email.
    1. Video link on how to open and close the lockbox and the keys and fob inside. Click here
    2. How to use the key fob – Click here
  5. Make sure you lock the lockbox back and reset the comb to 0000. FB or text us to inform that you have get the key and fob already.
    1. Pics and video of the move-in inspection. FYI. Click here
    2. video record. Click here
  6. You may hook up with the internet as per the log in info below. 
    1. NetWork name: Telus 6592
    2. password: bwpki943h4
  7. Detailed address:
    1. Room 3, 406, 4220 139 Av, Edmonton, AB T5Y 3E8