FSC217 Green Viewing - Step by Step Intro

STEP 01 – Upon arrival


  • Park at the visitor parking stall (see pics) & register your vechicle. 
  • Txt 587-774-1206 informing us your arrival. 
  • Walk to the building entrance. 

STEP 02 – Buzz in


  • Buzz the number we texted you and enter the hallway way
  • Find the lockbox (see picsfor the lockbox’s location)
  • Text us you are ready for the code to open the lockbox

STEP 03 – Get the keys


  • We willl call (or video chat) you with the code for you to open the lockbox
  • Once get the keys, push the lockbox’s cover back to lock it. (do not change the code). 
  • Click Here (for 1-min video on how to open and close the lockbox) 

STEP 04 – Walk up to 2nd floor


  • Go the side entrance (see pics ) and walk up to the 2nd floor
  • Use the building key to open the side doors. 

STEP 05 – Arrive the unit for the viewing


  • Open the unit with the unit key and remove the shoes (as the home is cleaned already). 
  • Txt us you have entered the home successfully. 
  • Enjoy the viewing in the next 10 minutes exclusively for you!

STEP 06 – Coming down with elevator


  • Make sure you lock the unit door securely and 
  • Come back to Main floor via Elevator (When you move-in, fobs will be provided for up and down via Elevator)

STEP 07 – Put the keys back

  • Put the keys back and reset the code to 0000
  • Take a pics to show the code reset and txt it to us. 
  • Let us know if you have any question to clarify before moving to the next step.