2017-04-20, Demolition

  • Demolition completed
  • At the end of demo, found there was a water leak from ATCO, they were being called and the water valve was being fixed. 

2017-04-22, Stake-out

  • Survey did stake-out
  • Fencing company installed theire fence

2017-04-24, Service in, Sewer service in

  • The excavation company is doing the service tie-in

2017-04-29 – excavation down to 2′ more deeper

  • the soil test did not pass, it has been decided 2′ deeper excavation is needed. 

2017-05-01, Footing in

  • Cribber has installed footing and waiting for it to be cured as well

2017-05-02, Cribbing 

  • The foundation wall is forming up
  • The 

2015-05-04, Curing

  • Marked the Final Grade level (FG) and top of the floor (Slab) for the sump-pump liner
  • Cribbing is curring for 6 days till May 8
  • City footing and foundation inspection has been set on May 8
  • Weeping tile sum-pump liner and the damp spray will be done by today and tomorrow. 
  • Electrician has installed the wire for the ground plate

2017-05-05, Weeping tile in

2017-05-08, city footing and foundation inspection passed

2017-05-10, Back fill

2017-05-11, Plumbing ground work

2017-05-12, Ground plumbing completion

2017-05-16, Framing starts

2017-05-18, Framing half-way through

2017-05-23, Main floor framing up

2017-05-31, basement slab preparation and truss to be on



2017-06-06, Hvac construction

2017-06-12, end stage of framing, middle of the Hvac

2017-06-16, roofing instruction