730+ days secured, or you get $3,000 in cash

Reference #: FSC303

Rent: $1,395.00

With the current WHITE HOT real estate market in Fort MacMurray, naturally many landlords are thinking to sell their rentals soon… 

If your plan is to enjoy the new home for a long time, the top item on your list should be that the landlord is willing to secure your stay for the years to come.  

Welcome home – your long-time enjoyment is secured for at least 720 days (2 years or more), or we will give you $3,000 in cash!

A few highlights about your new home: 

* Community – Image you/your family buzzing in/out the 24 hr-secured, spotless- clean hallway, riding up/down elevators on demand, walking on the stylish carpet cleaned daily, enjoying the elegant condo life-style attended by super-friendly on-site staffs… All of theses are exclusive only to the prestigious residents in this best rated low-raise building  in downtown. Talk about opportunity!

* Suite – 900+ sqft, 2 bedrooms, 2-full baths, top floor. Its spacious space is ready to be transformed into your dream home – fill the kitchen with the mouth-watering aroma, pack the dinning room with family “cheers”, tuck in the big comfy coach along the cozy fireplace for the family movie-nights, breath in the morning fresh air on the balcony, while sipping the favorite coffee and enjoying the bubbling energy all around, did I mention there is minimal house-keeping that shall frees more of your time to enjoy life fully?

* Master room – Washing your busy day off in the en-suite, putting on your favorite soft silk nightgowns awaiting for you in the walk-in closet, melting yourself away into the dreams floating over the bed for king and queen… The master bedroom is indeed a master piece that shall transcend you into the true master of your life, every single day!

* Two mysterious and unlimited offers? – Romancing between the couple, relaxing the body & soul, pampering your loved ones… It is up to your imagination while sky is the limit, we just offer the unlimited baths to get your creative juices flowing… To spice it up, we also offer the unlimited heat as well — again, your call to dress into  fantasy, while we just offer you the 4-season, 5-star resort privately with unlimited heat…  

* 99% get this wrong – let’s face it: In the coldest city on earth with 9-month of the year in winter, you and your family’s comfort, security and above all, the safety,  demands the underground heated parking as the MUST with zero compromise. With this home, your peace in mind is ensured as one-underground parking included. 

*  The rest on the checklist – Easy access to all the lessons/leisure events for kids and family offered by MIP recreation center? Can I grab anything quickly from superstore while the roast is still in the Oven? What if I like to walk on the trail along the side of river while listing the bird chirping? Easy access to highway for family vacations? Yes, you may check them all with a note: within 5 mins or less. 

For the ones who think different: 

The next normal step is to view the home first, which we make it super easy – just email or text us for the link to book the viewing online any time you like to view it in person via the so called “Culfidant green viewing” – another pleasant surprise awaiting!

For the one who think different and always be the master of catching the opportunity by skipping the viewing and apply directly (or applied right after the viewing the same day), here is what we will do for you specially as our way to thank you for the trust: 

Upon the lease signed, we will offer you a welcome a $150.00 skip dishes gift card for you/family to enjoy while supporting the local businesses that have been hit hard by Covid-19 pandemic. 

To view, or to apply, that is the question… 

The question can be answered only through action. 

You may click the buttons on the top as you choose.

We look forward to welcoming you, the final winner, at the home soon!

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