Living extraordinarily  – Top secret of this condo revealed

– How Rick made his $21K via this secret and bought his first home in 3 years

Notice the word “Extraordinarily”?

This condo is special in the eyes of few who are truly extraordinary…. 

Meet Rick – my tenant who, after 3-years enjoyment in this condo and $29,600 cash saved, just moved into his own 1st dream home a few days go. 

I still remember vividly the first time when I met him – a young professional with an easy smile, who worked in a decent firm in downtown, he set up the viewing to check out the condo and showed up on time. 

He casually told me how he wanted the harmony of work and life, while saving for his big dream – to buy his first home in a few years. 

And here was how he saw, or more precisely, revealed the top secret of this condo, which is actually there all the time, and simply being missed by my ordinary eyes. 

The LRT station that is direct connected to the building. 

Yes, that is it. The building is not only literally in the center of Edmonton, it also connects with a LRT station accessed directly by the elevators!

While I specifically highlighted that there is NO parking with this condo, he told me that he was thinking to sell his car for an immediate cash of $8000.00, and not mention the additional saving on the ridiculous parking fee of $350/month! 

“Why do I need a car if there is a free and direct LRT access just at my door?” was what he said while he was stunned by this “top secret” – He can’t believe his luck!

The rest of the showing went fairly quick. He was wowed by the concrete structure with the raw appearance on the high 14 ft ceiling, while I was busy mentioning the in-suite laundry, the cute appliances, the full bath, and the fact that all utilities are included except electricity…

His eyes were sparkled with excitement and I could tell he felt in love with what he called “cool and trendy” feeling of this condo. He told me that In Toronto where he came from, it would cost twice as much for a place as cool as this… 

Right after the showing, he filled in the application and e-transferred the required $500.00 initial deposit on spot, just to secure this condo that was so “special” to him. The rest was history… 

He had been enjoyed the condo for the next 3 years while he made the total saving close to $30K and bought her first house. 

Yes, here is how this extraordinary saving of $29,600 happened naturally :

01). Sold his car – made $8,000.00 cash, saved. 

02). No more car related costs on gas, insurance, maintenance, parking, minus the pass for LRT and occasionally Uber rides , the net saving is $600.00/month, or $21,600 in 3 years. 

Overall savings $8000+$21,600 = $29,600 !

It turns out “extraordinary” in our story means an seemingly “ordinary” Rick plus an “extra” 3-year enjoyment. Doesn’t seems hard at all!

Like everything in life, opportunities come and go, and can only be seen as “special” by the ones who are extraoridnary… 

Are you one of the extradentary few, just like Rick?

If the answer is yes, here is your opportunity. 

This condo is currently available for $900.00 plus electricity

Click here to book viewing, or click here to apply directly before someone else takes it. 

be extraordinary and see you soon!

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