TMR application in Carmap – Explained

TMR – stands for Triple Module Redundancy. It is a principle of “redundancy” that is being applied in many critical decision making processes. It has a long successful application that can be tracked back thousands years ago. In the current modern times, it is being widely used in fault-tolerant computer systems and space satellite systems. Click here for more. 

In Carmap, TMR has been applied in helping landlords make the most critical decision making -” Are the prospect tenants likely a right fit?”. Here is how it works in a nutshell: 

  • Throughout the whole process – one can use all evidences to add yes or no to the question “Are the prospect tenants likely a right fit”?
    • You starts with a clear slate,  and register each interactions with the prospects with a quick check on the above question.
    • Ideally, you like to get a straight yes in the row, till the prospects submit the application (from there, it will be taken over by 6-factor-18-score system);
    • You mark the first “NO” during the process as a “warning/alarm”, and then raise a big red flag (meaning – go no further) when you have the second Nos.
    • Below are as few examples:
      • Email inquiry received – Is there anything makes you feel out of the line? 
      • Texts exchanged – Watch for signs of abnormal. 
      • Phone calls – what are the real message “behind the curtain”?
      • Little tests – Asking open-ended questions and see the responses. 
      • Has the carmap-online booking being completed?
      • why the prospects are interested in the short-term only?
      • why does the prospects ask for the amount of security deposit?
      • What are the answers on the questionnaire?
      • What are the key highlights during the showing?
      • so forth. 
  • In particular, a so-called “right to veto” is also applies as the enhanced part of TMR –
    • when any one of following is detected, the landlords may simply stop going any further with the prospects,  based on individual landlord’s experience and comfortable level. I
    • n other words, instead of waiting for two “No”s, any occurrence of the following “significant” No”s below is sufficient enough to “trip” the whole process, and to not pursue further with the prospects.
      • Entitlements
      • Take the home without viewing in person (except remote)
      • Only look at short term
      • Income/rent ratio is shaky (2 or lower depending)
      • Signs of being rude, disrespectful, dishonest. 
      • smoking/pets
      • so forth

 TMR has been embedded in CARMAP service to prevent the wrong ones from getting even close to your home before they are detected/turned down.