A Pure Joy for You and Us

Many of us spend a significant portion of our lives, about one-third, working. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure that we are a good match for our jobs. Flying Stone has three guiding principles that lead us towards serendipity, and I would like to share them with you:

The first principle is that work should bring pure joy to you.

The second principle is to work independently based on our RSCing goal.

The third principle is to keep learning and growing with us.

If you’re interested in working with us, here’s a quick self-assessment checklist. Simply choose a number from 0 to 3 for each question. If you choose 1 or 2, please explain your answer. For example, for question 01, you might select 1 and explain, “I feel that the world is not fair, but with some hope…and here’s why.”

  1. How do you feel about the world today? (0 as “not fair and little hope” to 3 as “great and filled with opportunities”)

  2. When unsure, what would you like to do? (0 as “Make no decision and wait until clear direction from others” to 3 as “make a decision right on the spot based on my instinct”)

  3. How lucky do you feel based on your personal life experience so far? (0 as “not lucky at all” and 3 as “extremely lucky, seemingly with a lucky star always on the top of my head”)

  4. How do you view the current Chat GPT frenzy? (0 as “it was not good at all, the world is going to end and be controlled by robots” to 3 “it is going to be great”)

  5. Assuming you know nothing about coding, but your boss gives you a job that requires a lot of coding by Python and tells you to get it done in one month as if you were an experienced programmer, what is your initial thought? (0 as “What a cheap trick, why can’t you hire someone?” and 3 as “I will work day and night, learn this new skill, and get it done with no problem. And I will tell my boss right away.”)

  6. How would you reply to your boss on the coding project? (0 as “tell my boss straight – sorry, can’t do it” and 3 as “No problem. I will get it done.”)

  7. During a viewing, a potential tenant looks at a house and tells you straight that the home is “filthy,” but it’s actually relatively clean with only a small corner forgotten by the cleaner hired accidentally. What would you do? (0 as “I will explain what was the issue and make sure they understand it’s not filthy” to 3 “I will say they are absolutely right and get that area cleaned right away so that they will be completely satisfied.”)

  8. This question is particularly for contractors – Say you are sent to fix something, and you find something else that might be wrong too, but it poses no immediate danger. What would you do? (0 as “I will say nothing at all” and 3 as “I will inform the tenants and landlords immediately so that this can be addressed properly and right away.”)

Feel free to email us your answers, and we will let you know what we think. Additionally, we will post the job openings here as per the availability.