01-Q: What is initial deposit for?

01-A: Initial deposit is used to hold the place exclusively for you while we are processing your application. It is normally handed in with filled application forms when you decided to apply for the house after you viewed it. It is essentially part of mutual commitments from both sides of applicants and landlord: with the initial deposit in place, the landlord will hold this place for you exclusively, even if some others come later and are “extremely” interested in the same place, their applications have to be on the waiting list until we process your application with the results.

If we approve your application, the initial deposit will go against the first month rent; if we don’t, your initial deposit will be refunded after the deduction of $45.00/person credit check processing fee. However, if we approve you but you decide not to go ahead, the initial deposit is not refundable.

The full amount of initial deposit may only be accepted in either money order or cash before we can process your application. You will receive a receipt in email or hard copy.

The current initial deposit is $500.00 per application.

02-Q: what is the lease term by default?

02-A: We have the regular lease term as 1-year fixed term by default. However, depending on various cases, sometimes we may consider 6-month lease term with 15% additional rent charge. Shorter lease term might be arranged with office on case-by-case basis. Currently we don’t have month-to-month lease term available.

03-Q: Do you have furnished option available?

03-A: yes, we offer furnished option for all of our rental properties. There are two packages available. One is called standard and the other is called executive package. Please contact us for more details.

04-Q: What is the pet policy?

04-A: We only allow small pets less than 10 lbs, with the no-refundable one-time pet fee of $500.00 per pet.

05-Q: What is smoking policy, and how do you know I smoke inside the house or not?

05-A: Smoking is forbidden inside house, including so called E-Cigarette. However, you are allowed to smoke at designated spots outside house, and you are responsible for keeping the area within the property boundary free from cigarette butts, or $10.00 per butt will be charged once it is being found.

Property manager/agent has the exclusive right to make the final decision on if someone has smoked inside the house or not. We will start eviction process immediately if it occurs.

06-Q: What is the policy on sub-lease?

06-A: Sub-lease is not allowed unless there is a writing approval from the property manager.

07-Q: Do you have Rent-to-Own Program?

07-A: Yes. For more information, please check into the article of Q and A s, Rent to Own Program

08-Q: Are there promotions available?

08-A: There are various promotions available from time to time. please keep checking on our websites for the latest updates.

09-Q: What are the options of payment for rent?

09-A: We accept post-dated cheques, Pre-authorized Payment, online payment through paypal or credit cards, cash, or money order.

10-Q: Is credit check mandatory?

10-A: Yes. Credit check is mandatory. however, we understand there are certain cases credit rating could be an issue or concern. We will discuss with you to explore a few alternatives and will work with you to come up with a solution.

11-Q: what can assist my application?

11-A: Great credit history, excellent reference feedback, especially the comments from previous landlords would be great asset to help your application.