Checklist to add new clients into your current lease

Please be advised that this option only applies to the cases where the new applicants belongs to one of the following categories: Friends, acquaintances, co-workers, and or family members.

They can NOT be the ones you recruit via online advertisement, unless sub-lease option has been granted in the current lease. 

1). New applicant – Ask him/or her to fill in the application form;For house/suite/condo, click here; for shared accommodation, click here
2). Application fee – Once the application form is submitted, $150.00 processing fee shall be paid in full, prior to the application is being processed.
3). Application fee is not refundable whether the application is being approved or not.
4). Once the application is being approved, we will add her roommate name on the lease, and will need both of them to sign on it.
5). The rent shall stays the same as before. You shall be the sole contact with our office regardless the newly added individual stays the same term as you do or leaving sooner. 

6). You shall be held responsible for any damage identified at the end of lease term that may or may not caused by the new additional personal.